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Father son date to the Blazer game


Last night Cooper attended his first NBA basketball game as his 10th birthday present from us. And because his dad is the coolest, he got to experience it from the 10th row off the floor! Gooooo Blazers!

Cooper had pretty much the best night of his life.

Too bad the Blazers got stomped. 

Not that Coop cared. He got a shirt launched from a t-shirt cannon!

(It's also too bad mama was stuck solo in nursery duty at church while daddy was gone and had to change not one, not two, but THREE poopy diapers before the night was done.)

(Mama's not bitter.)


  1. T- Shirt Cannon !! how awesome !! sorry about solo Nursery ...but way to hold the fort ;D

  2. Awesome for Cooper! And how cool to get the t-shirt shot straight from the Cannon! As for nursery duty, was Elijah one of those poopy diapers? He's notorious for Wednesday nights.