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Fake InstaFriday


"Fake" in that my instagram app and cell phone are still in evil cahoots to thwart my every picture upload. So while these pics were all taken with my cell phone and cropped in instagram, only two of them actually made it onto instagram. 

9 attempts out of 10 end in my phone freezing and me having to remove the battery to restart it. Yet somehow this still doesn't stop my from trying every time. I'm all, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!

 Nighttime devotions with daddy. 
I don't know what I love more, that my husband wants to do it, or that I don't have to!
 (I'm not at my best come the kids' bedtime.)

Hello, Miley. This little lady follows me EVERY.WHERE. And if I make eye contact at any time she sits up and looks at me like, "yes, Mom? Shall I come over so you can pet me?"  Then, if I fail to break eye contact quickly enough, she does come over, and then I have to pet her.


Apparently March Madness requires furniture rearrangement. 

 One day I'll look at this picture and cry thinking about how all three of my boys used to be able to fit together in a chair, instead of being irritated that there was a chair in my way.

I won't lie, I was pretty pleased with my ensemble yesterday. 

My #tbt (throwbackthursday) pic - 5 month old Blake, aka the child with the head as round as a basketball. (Except for that one spot on the left back that went completely flat from him NEVER EVER MOVING HIS HEAD WHILE SLEEPING. EVER.)

Happy Friday to you! Our Spring Break starts today and we have a few fun plans up our sleeve... #1 being: sleeping in! Yay!! (Or maybe that's just my fun plan :)


  1. Loved all your pictures!! My absolute favor is the one of your husband and sons in the chair watching basketball. They look so connected, so happy. I can just see it on a picture board at one of their graduation open houses now... :) Enjoy your spring break!

    1. Haha, I'll have to save it in a special file to remember it for that future purpose! Thanks, Carrie - have a great week yourself :)

  2. What fun pictures! I love that outfit you put together!!! :-)

  3. fun pictures! even if they never made it onto IG. :)

  4. If I make eye contact with my dog for longer than a second he has to go outside.. he looks at me like, "C'mon!! I know people are out there!!! Let me BARK AT THEM!!!"

  5. and the cute outfit.. gingham!!!! sooo cute!!

  6. Yep, gotta love the boys in chair myself. Very cute ! ... I mean, very Manly Russ !