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Another instagram post


So not to go into details or anything but it's been a puking kind of week in our household (along with the rest of North America according to my facebook newsfeed) and my mommy duties have been on high demand.

So have my awesome science project display board skills. Those things don't assemble themselves without serious adult intervention supervision, people.

And thus, I give you another easy instagram post, because who's too busy to take cell phone pictures even in the midst of construction paper chaos and throw up?

Not me.

 Last weekend. Did I mention already how much I loved snow shoeing?

 And how fun these ladies were to go with?

After the weekend was over was when we had our first casualty of war. Vomit with a side of 102 temps.
Lots of Netflix.

 Tuesday night I escaped from the house and met Jana at the track to walk. And for the 1 millionth time we both showed up accidentally matching. I don't know how we do it but it happens 5 times out of 10. 

 Thursday night I got my second escape: clothing swap at my friend Shay's house!
9 girls, 2 rooms full of clothes, 1 bag of new-to-me items, loads of fun. 

 Friday night our second victim was struck, poor Kendall, who was just way too miserable for me to take a picture of. Our night involved a maximum of 3 hours of sleep and plenty of movie watching. 

 I will say, the one good thing about stomach bugs is that they are usually short-lived. By Saturday afternoon I was able to leave Kendall in the very safe hands of her daddy while I ran over to my friend Nicole's baby shower, where I stayed half the amount of time as the rest of the guests but managed to eat twice the amount of pink frosted shortbread. (I may or may not have snuck some out in my purse when I left. Amazing stuff.)

Sunday night all was well enough that Russ and I could BOTH go out for a birthday dinner celebration for my sister and brother-in-law, whose birthdays are 8 days apart. 

Dave was wearing his Shamrock tee because he just ran a 15K race that morning with my brother...
who we are now referring to as Grizzly Adams. 
That's his girlfriend, Christine. We think she's the cutest :)

And that was my week in a nutshell! Minus the science project and the multitude of laundry.
Here's to a barf-free week!

*post script: 1:00 am Monday morning: Cooper starts throwing up. DANG ITTT. So much for that thought.


  1. ...If it makes Coop feel better his cousin threw up in the car enroute to the house..just when I though 4 mins to the house from School would be quick enough..holy puking batman !!!
    Great pic of Jay and Christine ( Grizzly Adams is right !!)

  2. wow sounds like you had a busy week and darn it I missed frosted shortbread cookies?? darn me for being sick myself!!! and how do I get involved in this clothing swap?????????????????

    1. Kerisa, I'll let you know about the next one on facebook, usually a couple times a year.

  3. Hi, Jodi!
    My name is Kristina and I just started following your blog. I love your cute outfits! My question is in reference to your clothing swap. This is such a cool idea! How did this start and what are the logistics to it?

    1. Hey Kristin! My friend Joni moved up from Vegas where it was a popular thing to do and introduced us to it.

      If you have facebook and can create an event to send to girlfriends it makes it really easy, but even not, just email a bunch of girlfriends of all sizes(and tell them to invite THEIR girlfriends) telling them to bring clothes, shoes, and accessories they no longer wear and come over for an evening with No Kids! You an provide snacks if you want. We lay all the clothes in piles by category (skirts, dresses, shorts sleeve, etc.) and then when everyone is there lay a few ground rules:
      depending on how many come, go through each category choosing 2-3 things first, and then go through a 2nd round, that way one person doesn't take too much before others can look through it. 2nd: try on & make sure it works. 3rd: be thoughtful of others
      That's it! People are always worried no one will like their stuff, that they have nothing good enough to bring... tell them not to worry - you never know what people will like! Also everything gets sorted by style so usually people don't know who brought what anyway.
      Anything that doesn't get picked we donate to our church thrift store.
      I hope that makes sense!