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A natural talent


Yesterday, while watching my nephew Elijah for a couple of hours, I sent the following text message to my sister:

Bad news: Elijah painted his own fingernails. 
Good news: you have a very talented son.

Two years old, people. TWO. Not a drop of polish anywhere else on his body. Mad props to him!

Of course he still got in huge trouble... I mean, he snuck into Kendall's room while the rest of us were out in the living room and did his nails on the carpeted floor after finding the polish on her dresser. And no, the carpet did not escape unscathed. 
"Sowwy Aunt Dodi"

But who can stay mad at that face? Or not be hugely impressed at his skills for that matter?!


  1. He really did an amazing job, but was a tad embarrassing running errands with his nails bright purple. And yes, lots of people noticed!

  2. ha ha thats adorable! Minus the carpet....

  3. Bravo Elijah condolences to the carpet