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9 easy steps to throwing a simple and stress-free child party


Blake turned five a couple of days ago and after coming straight off of a busy basketball season and family road trip to the state playoffs, I ended up throwing him a last-minute super-simple kid party. It was fun and perfect for him!

Here's how you can do it too!

Step 1: send out a quick email invite to six little friends five days before the proposed party and hope for the best that a few can make it.
Thank your lucky stars when everyone can.

Step 2: pick an easy theme, let's say "basketball", or anything else that means you can make a round cake without having to cut it into weird shapes or use artistic decorating skills that you simply don't have.

Step 3: throw up a few streamers and balloons and call it a day.

Or, if you really want to go fancy, use a circle punch and some construction paper and make a bunting using your daughter's knitting yarn and a hot glue gun, preferably while watching American Idol the night before the party. 

Step 4: Once the party guests arrive, play a couple of easy party games, awarding bubblegum to the winners and a Starburst candy to everyone else.

Step 5: let everyone climb on top of daddy because that's always a fun thing to do.

Step 6: Time to open gifts! If you can, keep them simple... five-year-olds are easy to please. A new outfit and some play men? Major hits.

Step 7: immediately move to cake and ice cream sandwiches with a side of Tang, or whatever drink mix you already have in your cupboard.

Step 8: send everyone outside to play for the remaining half hour of the party while your husband quickly cleans up the relatively small mess inside.

Step 9: hand out goody bags to guests as they leave and pat yourself on the back. You just threw the easiest birthday party in the world :)


  1. Great pictures...very cool candles on the very cool cake...well done !!

  2. your house was immaculate before the party... after???

    1. After was clean too thanks to the husband. By the next morning though? An advertisement for "children live here"!!