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Good Friday to you! 
Here's what's been going on this week...

Girlfriends dinner at my friend, Therese's, to welcome her two oldest girls home from college. With bunny name tags and all. Delightful!

 After dinner we played this game that involved us all sharing our most embarrassing moments on a piece of paper and then trying to guess who it was. DIED laughing. Such a fun evening.

A little lego shopping trip with a buddy to use his birthday money. 

How Blake watches "scary" movies.

 Scrapbooking with Tricia! And doing a little picture organizing on the laptop. I spent a lovely two days this week doing this, and NOT cleaning or entertaining children. Like I said, lovely.

 Nick Furry says hello. We like her.

 A full-on egg dying operation at Grandma Tracy's last night!

My nephew Elijah decided he wanted ALL the eggs green. And his hands.

I just love a baby bundled up like a burrito! Babysitting little Tristan.


Happy weekend and HAPPY EASTER!!!!

Father son date to the Blazer game


Last night Cooper attended his first NBA basketball game as his 10th birthday present from us. And because his dad is the coolest, he got to experience it from the 10th row off the floor! Gooooo Blazers!

Cooper had pretty much the best night of his life.

Too bad the Blazers got stomped. 

Not that Coop cared. He got a shirt launched from a t-shirt cannon!

(It's also too bad mama was stuck solo in nursery duty at church while daddy was gone and had to change not one, not two, but THREE poopy diapers before the night was done.)

(Mama's not bitter.)

What I Wore Wednesday


Greetings from la casa del spring breakers, where we're doing all kinds of fun things on our week off school, like keeping Cooper and his newly broken arm off the trampoline, keeping Cooper's new pet mouse alive against our dog's wishes, keeping the children from driving mama crazy by going to scrapbook at Tricia's house (where the children can run free with their cousins and be ignored), and watching it rain out the window because, of course... it's springtime in Oregon.

Aren't we just the funnest?

Here's what I've been wearing:

Last Wednesday
Cynthia Rowley top, Walmart jeans & boots, H&M scarf

thrifted BP Nordstrom sweater, Old Navy shirt, clothes swap Banana Republic skirt, Fylo leggings, Walmart boots, I can't remember necklace. 

Ross top, thrifted Hot Kiss jeans, Target wedge booties

thrifted Target jacket, Target dress, Fylo leggings, Ugg cardy boots

(keeping it real. I do live in the sticks, guys.) 
thrifted Hollister sweatshirt, thrifted Maurice's jeans, Ugg boots

And just in case you're wondering why I didn't end up wearing my cutest new outfit ever... it's because I had to exchange sizes and I haven't received my new package in the mail yet. 

(Crossing my fingers for today ;)

Happy Wednesday!
pleated poppy

Of mice, breaks, and birthdays


Cooper turned ten this past weekend and celebrated by having a sleepover and shopping outing with his Grandma T, going to the movies with his family, and fracturing his arm.

The fracture occurred Saturday morning, the unfortunate result of a failed attempt at a leapfrog jump over a coffee table in Grandma's living room. After much inspection and debate, we decided to wait on a trip to the emergency room because we thought (hoped) it was just a sprain, and with some ice and a borrowed wrist brace from a cousin, Cooper went the rest of the weekend without much complaint. By Sunday evening however, Cooper was babying his arm pretty carefully and finally starting to show some swelling.

And that's when I heard the little voice inside my head saying "YOU ARE AN IDIOT."

So yeah, I took Cooper into the doctor's office yesterday morning, the day of his birthday party that was scheduled to begin at 1:00 pm, with a good sized dose of mom guilt and a super-sized dose of we're-never-going-to-get-out-of-here-in-time-for-the-party doom.
(nervous that a shot may somehow be involved)
(slightly swollen appendage to the right)
Sure enough, the xray showed a fracture, but fortunately nothing needed to be reset (and just like I had assured several times, no shots were required) and with a few phone calls and a little finagling the party was able to go on, with only an hour delay in the start time.

Cooper declared the day "the best day ever!" and "better than Disneyland!"

You see, at ten years old, nothing beats the excitement of getting your first cast and then almost immediately getting to show it off to seven of your friends, all while receiving gifts at the same time.

And if that's not enough... guess what was Cooper's first present?
(cousin Drew for the win!)
 Her name is Nick Fury and no, I haven't touched her, but yes, I gave my permission beforehand. 

Although my bet is on the dog eating it.

For Cooper's party we went to the Wunderland Arcade for an afternoon of nickel gaming! The kids loved it and all I had to do was bring cupcakes and "drinks with lids". So easy.
(with cousin Mark)
(please excuse my sad cupcakes, I had 15 minutes to decorate them)
Russ managed the crew of boys so well and was the hugest help. Sadly this is the only picture of him I took:
(Awkward picture of an almost-over hug)
It was taken right after Cooper found out that his birthday gift from us was tickets for him to go with daddy to a Blazer game tomorrow night, sitting on the TENTH row off the floor. (Thank you friend-of-a-friend-of-a-coworker at Russ's work!) He was pretty excited, although I still don't know that we topped the mouse. 

Honestly, I don't know if anything will be able to beat yesterday in Cooper's books :)

Monday Confessional


Sometimes I take ditzyness to a whole new level.

For example: I am the kind of girl who believes her two small baking ramekins (the kind used for individual creme brulees) are lost for MONTHS because I can't find them anywhere in my kitchen, and even ask friends and family if I loaned them out to them, only to realize they've been in my bathroom drawer the whole time, where I moved them to hold my bobby pins and hair ties and where I see them every. single. day.

True story.

Look, I even took a picture.
Just another day in the life with Jodi! (shakes head at self)

Fake InstaFriday


"Fake" in that my instagram app and cell phone are still in evil cahoots to thwart my every picture upload. So while these pics were all taken with my cell phone and cropped in instagram, only two of them actually made it onto instagram. 

9 attempts out of 10 end in my phone freezing and me having to remove the battery to restart it. Yet somehow this still doesn't stop my from trying every time. I'm all, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!

 Nighttime devotions with daddy. 
I don't know what I love more, that my husband wants to do it, or that I don't have to!
 (I'm not at my best come the kids' bedtime.)

Hello, Miley. This little lady follows me EVERY.WHERE. And if I make eye contact at any time she sits up and looks at me like, "yes, Mom? Shall I come over so you can pet me?"  Then, if I fail to break eye contact quickly enough, she does come over, and then I have to pet her.


Apparently March Madness requires furniture rearrangement. 

 One day I'll look at this picture and cry thinking about how all three of my boys used to be able to fit together in a chair, instead of being irritated that there was a chair in my way.

I won't lie, I was pretty pleased with my ensemble yesterday. 

My #tbt (throwbackthursday) pic - 5 month old Blake, aka the child with the head as round as a basketball. (Except for that one spot on the left back that went completely flat from him NEVER EVER MOVING HIS HEAD WHILE SLEEPING. EVER.)

Happy Friday to you! Our Spring Break starts today and we have a few fun plans up our sleeve... #1 being: sleeping in! Yay!! (Or maybe that's just my fun plan :)

What I wore Wednesday and a fun surprise


First off, I've made it another day without succumbing to the Dread Plague of 2013, and I thank you for your moral support yesterday. I even went and bought myself another Cadbury cream egg... it was just as delicious as the first.

Secondly, it turns out Russell needed a little taking care of after all, poor guy. He did not have the best day :(

I, on the other hand, ended up having the most EXCELLENT day after receiving this surprise package in the mail:
I stared at it in confusion at first. I hadn't ordered anything from Maurices. What the who?

Now remember this outfit pic I posted a couple of weeks ago? The one I wanted to buy but didn't because it wasn't on sale and would have busted our vacation budget and I was so sad because I was in loooove?

I'm not kidding you, I screamed like a banshee. I'm still squealing over it.

Turns out my amazing cousin Michelle in New Zealand read that blog post, looked up Maurice's online, and using my dressing room pic, found the matching denim shirt and sweater and ordered it to be shipped to me! Just because. I could not have been more blown away. I instantly contacted her and used as many thank yous and I love yous and exclamation points and smiley faces as humanly possible.

Michelle, I meant it ALL!

So anyway, I had to share that excitement and I can't wait to wear them.

And now here's what I HAVE been wearing:

Last Wednesday
Kohl's top, thrifted Gap jeans, Old Navy flats & necklace

Thursday night: clothing swap haul!
Talbots blouse - tag still attached, Banana Republic skirt, JC Penny's tunic top, Maurice's ruched top, Apt. 9 (Kohl's) wallet - tag still attached. Not pictured: Nike running tee
I went to my second clothes swap and loved it just as much as the first one. I came home with fewer items this time (6 total), but that was fine because I'm trying to be pickier and more purposeful with what I add to my closet these days. And anyway, 6 items for free... two with tags still on? I call that success! 

Maurice's tee (clothes swap), Target black skinnies, Payless sandals, birthday gift bracelet

 (friend's baby shower) 
Target cardy, TJ Maxx blouse, Walmart skinnies and boots, Payless necklace

Talbots blouse (clothes swap), thrifted Hot Kiss jeans, Fred Meyer boots, Claire's necklace

Target hat & booties, Walmart jacket, JC Penny's tunic (clothes swap), thrifted Maurice's jeans

And that's it! Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!
pleated poppy