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What I Wore Wednesday


Your random fact for the day: I'm getting my hair cut today. 
I'm pretty sure it's been almost two years since my last cut. TWO YEARS!

So yeah, I'm a terrible procrastinator, and, pretty exciting day!

And now for the outfits, with a bonus shot at the end:

Last Wednesday
 Cynthia Rowley top, thrifted Big Star jeans, Ugg boots, Sairiejune necklace

 Shade clothing green tank, thrifted H&M top, thrifted Target jeans, good ol' Uggs. Again.

 Target sweater, Costco plaid shirt, thrifted Big Star jeans, cardy Uggs. Because yes. I love Uggs. 

Thrifted jacket and dress, Walmart boots, daughter's flower pin  

32 Degrees jacket (Costco), Kmart hat, thrifted snow pants and boots from my Mum.

Old Navy green top, Target sweater, jeans and wedges

And this little gem was discovered on my camera when I went to upload my outfit pics:
Haha, very funny, Cooper! 
(I think he's making fun of me!)

Have a fantastic day, my friends!
pleated poppy


  1. Hehe on the last picture! What a stud!
    Can't believe you found those fab boots at Walmart! Love how you mix colors, like the plaid and the green. Thanks for the style inspiration!

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  2. Sunday's outfit is adorable! And LOL at Cooper...I think he is just trying to be like his mom. :)

  3. or adorable!

  4. Love the last picture! That is hilarious!

  5. That last picture made me LAUGH OUT LOUD really loudly!!!! And I want to see a picture of your hair after today's cut! Feel free to email it to me!! :) You are looking good!!!

  6. My son captures my iphone and I find the most random pics, gotta love kids... I really like the blue braclet with the purple in picture 2 and the plaid shirt is really cute.

  7. bahahaha! your son is adorable!!

    I love the red dress with jean jacket outfit. And I also adore your hair in the first picture.

  8. I love the jean dress and skirt. So cute! The picture of your son is the best, though.

  9. Bahahaha Cooper... I love it!!!!!

  10. Totally awesome self portrait Coop ! That was Hilarious hahahaha

  11. Love it! And I always love your outfits. I can't even pick a favorite this week.

  12. I so procrastinate on haircuts, too. I finally got my hair cut on Tuesday, and I think they cut two inches of my bangs to get them back to not being in my eyes all the time! And the self-portrait of your son is just too funny!!

  13. hahahahahaha that last picture is seriously hilarious. I feel my boyfriend would do something just like that to poke fun at me. Silly boys! I love the necklace in that first outfit - it really pulls everything together!