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Oh was yesterday ever fun. The kids had the day off school so we joined up with my Mum and my sister and her family for a trip up Mt. Hood to go sledding. 

(Kelly's husband got to take the day off. My husband, sadly, did not. I got over it really quickly though because, woohooo, Mt. Hood and SLEDDING!) 

We ended up at a place called Snow Bunny, which sounded innocent enough, until we walked up to the first sledding hill and found this lovely scene at the bottom:
Which didn't really evoke feelings of safety or tameness. 

There was not another soul there to explain what had happened though so we decided to chalk it up to an unfortunate nose bleed and venture on. And it was a good decision; Snow Bunny was awesome... and all ours!

And that started four hours of sledding mania which included multiple wipeouts, one broken sled, one cut nose (Elijah's, when he was accidentally sledded over), several sweet air jumps, many races, a hundred too many slow climbs back up the hill, one set of keys locked in the car, and about twenty video clips of our fun.

And now for my fave cell phone shots:

At one point Mum and I raced each other on our stomachs 6 times in a row. Today my ribs are telling me that that was 5 times too many. 

And I definitely have a bruised left cheek. On my rear. 
But it was so, soooo worth it :)


  1. SUCH a fun day!!! I think we need to make this an annual (or better yet more than annual) trip for our family.

  2. very the adventure. Grab up all the memories you can, life is fast.