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Season ender


The Lady Cougar's state playoff game was a nail-biter last night - it was a great game but we couldn't quite pull off the win. When the final buzzer went off I think the team pretty much collectively burst into tears... they'd been so close! Heck, I almost burst into tears!

So off we drove to The Olive Garden to drown our sorrows in Alfredo sauce and celebrate a great season.

It took Coach Russ a little time to come out of the dumps...

But it wasn't long before he was back to his usual wacky self.
(Don't ask.)

And I think it helped cheer the whole team up.
(The girls' quite handsome young waiter may have helped too ;)

So while it was a sad night overall, it definitely ended on a high note. And of course the good news is... guess who has her husband back?!!

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