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Kid Snippets


Last Friday night Kelly and I went over to our Nanna's house to have a girls night with our cousins Stephanie and Janelle and their daughters. Among other things, this resulted in staying up past 2 am gabbing, dying laughing over all sorts of stories and nonsense, and also doing mature things like looking up hilarious video clips on you tube.

I just love my cousins! And thanks to them I have now been introduced to the world of "kid snippets" and I can't help it, I have to share.

Favorite #1:

Favorite #2:

Favorite #3:

You're welcome :)


  1. These are my three favorite videos from kid snippets too, although the proposal and blind date rank right up there too!
    I love these videos and I'm proud to claim them as they also live in Utah. :-)

  2. Haaaaaa! The whole fam watched and laughed:). Oh wait, it's waining!!!

  3. Jay said if we record Hayden & Blake having a conversation he'll do a video for us :)