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Pics from the cell phone this week:

Miss Miley "indisposed" and quarantined to the house.
Where she stares longingly out the window dreaming of cute boy dogs. Sorry sista!

Hot dog sale duty at our kids' school with Tricia, my sister-in-law.
All for the love of our 6th graders and their end-of-the-year trip fundraiser.

This little treat from the McDonalds dollar menu was my reward to myself yesterday after fasting all morning for a gallbladder ultrasound.

Good news: nothing wrong with my gallbladder.

More good news: we got our first break of sunshine in way too long and I actually had to pull my sunnies out! It made me so happy!

So you can imagine how I felt waking to these skies this morning!

My kids are outside building a fort as I type.
(no school today, perfect timing)

And I'm enjoying this little snack - a favorite since childhood.

Happy weekend to you!
life rearranged


  1. Yum, peaches and cottage cheese.. Think I'll go get a bowl too.

  2. Great... now I want cottage cheese and peaches too. Problem is I already made my grocery store run... no cottage cheese. WAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  3. Hey Jodi! I just got back on blogger for the first time in a few years and every time I see that picture of your dog.. I just have to ask, is that because she's in heat? I've never had dogs, and never seen one in a fashionably fit diaper. It makes me laugh, but I'm sure that isn't the reason for it. :)

    1. It makes us ALL laugh :) Yes she's in heat, it holds little doggie pads in place! Totally gross, right?! We are trying to get her bred and after a litter will have her fixed so we don't have to keep doing this!