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InstaFriday. On Saturday. Again.


A little late in getting my act together here. (Surprise, surprise.)
But here's what we've been up to the past week!

Serious gaming with cousin Hayden who was here for a sleepover. They took turns with Cooper's DS and it occupied a decent two hours of their time without any fighting. DS for the win!

Cousin Elijah was here too. Goodbye two-story lego house.

And hello two-year-old artwork on my recipe card for dinner!

Kendall continued to bake up amazing goodness that tested the very limits of my self-control.

Rummikub game night with the kids. Love this game!

Hot chocolate date with the cool little dude. 

My two greatest temptations... together in one place! Ahhhh the agony! I resisted... for now.

Miley's forlorn look after waiting for us to finish our grocery shopping. 

New favorite grocery find. Tiny little pots of goodness! Only 100 calories. 

Important teddy bear repair. He had a hole in his back that was letting fluff out.

Visiting my parents yesterday after their return from New Zealand... and being surprised by all kinds of goodies! It was a gooood day! :)

And this shot was taken by my friend Shay on her iphone but I had to steal it because it captures our varsity boys team AMAZING State playoff game last night.

See the scoreboard? Tied at 47-47 with 1.7 seconds left in the game. 
See our player #00 at the bottom? He just launched a 3 pt shot.
See the blurry ball above the hoop? 

I can not even describe the pandemonium that broke loose at that moment.

And we're off to Baker City for the State finals! YEEEEAHHHHH!


  1. Important teddy bear repair. He had a hole in his back that was letting fluff out. --this tickled me

    over from link up

  2. Love all your pictures AND all the comments..especially the ones related to Elijah ...yes, we have all been there.

  3. mine never wrote on my recipe cards...just on the walls of my moms house with permanent marker! Did i mention that, maybe, my sister-in-laws white sheets may have been a casualty of that war, also?! But never on my recipe cards!!