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A tale of a fortunate haircut


As I mentioned yesterday, it has been almost two years since my last haircut.

Tuesday morning I finally decided enough was enough and called my stylist to see if she had an opening that day.

This is how I work, you see: I procrastinate and procrastinate and then I decide it's time to do something and I want to do it NOW. Of course she was booked for the day, but asked if I could come the next afternoon and I said, "SOLD".

The problem is when I showed up at the appointed time yesterday afternoon my stylist looked at me in horror and realized she had accidentally told me the wrong day to come in. She was in the middle of a weave and wouldn't be free for another hour and a half. Did I want to wait that long or come back the next day?

Ohhhh no. I was ready for a haircut and a haircut I was going to get, gosh darn it! So she told me where another salon was that had 30 good stylists and assured me they would probably have an opening for a walk-in. Off I drove, only to be disappointed that not one single lady was free.

Never fear, I remembered another place with a similarly large staff and went there next. No one available there either!

Dang it, stylists of the world!

The receptionist offered to call their "on-call" stylists to see if someone wanted to run in and I waited while she tried three different girls, all no answers. Then she suggested I wait a few minutes just in case one of them called right back. I didn't know of anywhere else to go so I said sure and while I waited she asked me what exactly I was wanting.

"Oh just some length chopped off and a few layers added in."

"Hang on just a minute", she replied and disappeared around a corner.

Next thing I know she's back with an apron on and tells me that she can do it, another lady will cover the desk for her. Seeing the look of "ain't no receptionist cutting my hair!" on my face she quickly explained she was a licensed stylist too and was just assigned to cover the front desk that day.

And I instantly knew she must be a total newbie but decided to plunge ahead and NOT ask her how long she'd been a stylist because I didn't want to know the answer. I wanted my hair cut.

And as luck would have it, it didn't turn out too bad.
I'm sure you wouldn't be able to tell but I had her cut off 8 inches.

(If I'm going to wait almost two years to cut my hair I want to be able to tell it's different!)

And that's the tale of my fortunate haircut... otherwise known as "Jodi ain't so patient sometimes and good golly, is definitely not a planner".

The end.


  1. Oh my goodness Jodi.. how you make me laugh! Looks very nice though, even for a newbie stylist ;)

  2. Adventures all around. I noticed last Sunday that your hair was SUPER long. Your cut is lovely.