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What I Wore Wednesday No. 130


It looks like I started and ended my week out with pink. Either a sign that I'm ready for Valentine's Day, or (and this is much more likely), I really like how warm and cozy my pink cardigan is. 

Last Wednesday
 Ross plaid shirt, Target cardy & jeans, Walmart boots, gifted scarf & boot cuffs

 Old Navy tunic, Loft sweater, Modbod tee, thrifted Target jeans, Ugg boots

 Mervyn's sweater, Maurice's skirt & bracelet, Walmart leggings & boots, Sariejune scarf

Walmart jacket, Ross top, thrifted Target jeans, Target wedges

Target cardy, jeans & wedges, thrifted tunic, gifted necklace

Dear boyfriend cardigan, 
please don't go out of style.
I love you so. 

Have a great rest of the week!
pleated poppy


  1. Love the pink sweater! Just an FYI, they're clearanced on right now.

  2. Love the pink cardigan...such a great color! And Friday's outfit is too cute. I really like that skirt on you. :)

  3. love them all but my favorite is your monday outfit i think! Following you now! So cute! I'm going to link up next week for the first time. This should be fun! Love, Traci Michele @ Ordinary Inspirations

  4. Monday's is my favorite... I want to sneak over in the middle of the night and steal it from your closet for my very own. Wait... Russ owns many a gun... I'll sneak over in the middle of the DAY... on grocery day... when no one but Miley will know I'm there!!! Oh who am I kidding, I'll just come over while you're there, bring you a delicious treat, bat my eyelashes and ask you kindly if I can borrow it if I promise to bring it right back (and then secretly hold on to it for a couple weeks).

    1. Yes that last one sounds accurate! I know your tactics!!

  5. pink is so your color! Really pretty cardigan.

  6. Look at you hottie! Love Mondays outfit the mostest!
    Have a great day doll! ;)

  7. I'm in with the pink cardy too.. You wear it well :) course I like the others as well.

  8. I like the pink with the turquoise plaid the best! And hey, even if they do go out of style, that doesn't matter! If you like 'em, wear 'em!