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What I Wore Wednesday


Happy Wednesday, my friends. 

Because it's kept me motivated to get dressed, try new things, shop differently, be a little adventurous in my choices, and not look like a regular ol' frump, I'm on my third year of taking outfit pictures for The Pleated Poppy's WIWW. 

I'm no fashion model (hello, still taking mirror self-portraits), nor the trendiest (or skinniest!), but I've got hundreds of outfit shots proving that I've put some effort into what I wear, and gosh darn it I like that!

One day I'll make a photo book of all the pictures laid out like a yearbook and my grown daughter and future granddaughters can laugh over the fashion trends of my day till they're in stitches. It will be priceless :)

Sporty Jod: Nike jacket & tee (yard sale), Target jeans (thrifted), oooold Nike slip-ons

 Trendy Jod: Walmart jacket, Shade Clothing top, Target jeans & wedges, clothing swap scarf

 Cold Jod: Aeropostale sweater, Target jeans (thrifted), Ugg cardy boots, craft bazaar knitted infinity scarf
 Conflicted about what season she's wearing Jod: Old Navy dress & cardy, Ross belt, Fylo leggings, Ugg cardy boots

Pretending it's Spring Jod: Target everything!

What you don't see is the down coat I'm wearing over my outfits because it's freaking 28 degrees outside. I just don't have the wardrobe for that kind of weather! 

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  1. LOVE the butterfly dress outfit!

  2. Your dress is really cute. I like how you made it work in the winter.

    I admire how you always manage to look very put together, even in jeans and a sweatshirt. Good work!


  3. Oh, first time visiting here from WIWW and LOVE your style. That scarf over the stripes in the second one is my favorite!

  4. I love the unexpected pop of color from the colorful scarf with the stripped shirt in outfit number two.

  5. Love your captions...LOL :) I always love your outfits and I especially like "trendy Jod" this cute!

  6. I love the names too! sporty jod....I immediately started singing spice girls songs!!!! I love conflicted Jod's outfit the best!

  7. Personally, the best part about this post is the picture titles. I couldn't have made them up any better- personally I love the "Confused about what season it is..." outfit, it is adorable and perfect for that awkward transitional seasonal weather.

    Stopping by from the link up! Happy Wednesday!

    Understated Classics

  8. I see a trend here - STRIPES! I love stripes one of my favorite patterns! Loving the first casual outfit too, every girl needs that!


  9. Really cute outfits! I especially love all your striped tops.

    Professionally Petite

  10. Nicely done Jod. Love Sporty,trendy and pretending it's spring. True, your captions are perfectly YOU :D

  11. You are completely right, someday people will look at these photos and giggle, but also be really impressed how put-together you look. I've loved seeing how your fashion tastes have transformed over the past few years.

  12. Cute as always girlfriend! And I get it. Puffer coats here, too. Minus four yesterday!! Yikes.

  13. Cute! I really like the butterfly dress ensemble-eh, it's not too springy in color, so you can wear it any season!

  14. I cant believe that jacket is from Wally World (aka Walmart). Super cute!

  15. I know! It has been in the 20s there this week, too, and I just don't have the clothes to keep me warm. Well, maybe I do, but they aren't the cute clothes I want to wear. ;-)

  16. love that butterfly dress! :)

  17. Cute outfits, I like them all! My fave's are the butterfly dress and the coat with the scarf and striped shirt.

  18. Love your style and that butterfly dress is so cute! Found you on the WIWW link! Great Blog!


  19. I think the best part of wiww is seeing a bunch of real people and what they wear! none of us are that trendy or skinny, but we're all real ya know? plus I really love your second outfit - stripes and florals will be alright in my book forever, even if my future grandchildren make fun of me :)

  20. third year? are you serious?! i don't even know how long i've been doing it! thanks for your consistency!