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What I Wore Wednesday


Low and behold, I done got myself properly dressed all week long!
It has been outrageously cold this January, hence all the hats, scarfs, and Ugg boots...

 Dress Barn shirt, Target jeans, Walmart boots, bazaar/Saturday market hat & scarf

 thrifted B.P. Nordstrom sweater, Maurice's skirt, Walmart leggings, Costco shearling boots, Forever 21 scarf, handmade hat (gifted)

 Union Bay shirt (Costco), thrifted Target jeans, Ugg boots, Fred Meyer's scarf

 Target sweater, thrifted Land's End turtleneck, thrifted Target jeans, Ugg boots

 thrifted Target jacket, Target dress, Fylo leggings (Costco), Walmart boots, Maurice's bracelet

 Mervyn's sweater (old!), Ross shirt, Target jeans & wedge booties, thrifted necklace

Old Navy shirt, Maurice's vest, thrifted Target jeans (again) and (accidentally chopped off in the pic) Ugg cardy boots - which didn't really go, but a 30 degree morning dictated I wear them!

Hope you are all staying warm this week, wherever you are :)

pleated poppy


  1. The 2nd outfit is SO cute! I love the green sweater with the patterned skirt. Hope you are having a good week friend!

  2. I love that you wear hats and wear them so well!! Stay warm in all your cute layers.

  3. looking good!!!! I like it to be cold when it is supposed to be. We were in short sleeves on Saturday and expecting snow (ice, really) today!!!