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What I Wore Wednesday


My almost daily outfits from the last two weeks of 2012...

1. Kids school Christmas program: thrifted jacket & bracelet, Target dress, Fylo leggings (Costco - LOVE), Walmart boots
2. Christmas outfit shopping day: Old Navy cardy, Target dress, thrifted belt and bracelet, same leggings & boots as #1

3. Church: Target cardy & belt (new), thrifted Target dress, yard sale leather heels
4. My family Christmas: TJ Maxx top (new), thrifted Target jeans, Target shoes, Van Heusen necklace

5. Husband's family Christmas: TJ Maxx top (new), thrifted Big Star jeans, Target shoes, Wet Seal necklace, new Christmas bracelet (from the husband :), Target cardy (new)

6. Les Miserables with a girlfriend: Target blouse (new - clearance), thrifted cardy and Target jeans, Target shoes, Wet Seal necklace
7. Running errands: TJ Maxx top (new), thrifted Big Star jeans, Ugg boots, new Christmas hat (handmade)

8. Final family Christmas gathering: Ross top (new), Target skinnies, Walmart boots, Christmas bracelet
9. Church: Charlotte Russe shirt dress, Target cardy, Ross belt, Walmart leggings & boots, new Christmas boot cuffs (handmade - these are so cool!)

10. New Year's Eve party: Target cardy, blouse (new - clearance), jeans, & shoes!

Happy New Year, everyone!
Love Jodi

pleated poppy


  1. I really like them all but I think 2 is my favorite. So cute!!

    Happy new Year!!

  2. I love your outfits! Can I please share your closet?! Could you also tell me how you get the stinky odor out of your thrifted finds? Washing over and over just doesn't do it!

    1. Thanks, Ashley! I'm afraid I don't know what to tell you there... I've never had that problem! Maybe it's the thrift store you're going to? I mainly stick to the Goodwill - which washes everything (and I then rewash at home to get their weird detergent smell out) or consignment stores - where everything has to be washed and clean for them to accept them. If it smells super bad in the store I would pass altogether!

  3. You look adorable in every single outfit this week! I think my favorite is #9 - so cute!

  4. I love all your dresses with leggings and boots. Super cute!

  5. woah - love the black and white dress paired with the red sweater! Stunning.

  6. All cute Jodi. Boot cuffs are awesome and the new years eve top.. Even cuter in person, also , the "5"'s ... Ooh, and the maroony top nice

  7. Love your dress/tight looks...I been wanting to wear that combo recently, but I hate being cold...maybe when it warms up more. Love that lace outfit too!


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  8. #3-4 are my favs! Super cute!

    Dropping in from the link-up!

    Sheena @ A Girl's Guide to Retail Therapy

  9. Loved all of the outfits. Specially first two :)
    Have an awesome year ahead!

    Bong's Belleza