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The weekend


It's a sure sign that you've had a long day when, on a Monday night, you start to blog about your 3-day weekend but can't remember what happened on Friday OR Saturday.

I know it will come to me... but let's start with Sunday, shall we?
After church we headed up to Russ's parents for our 13th annual family prayer day. I've blogged about it before, but in a nutshell: we gather to share our praise reports from the year before and lift up our requests for the coming year. The kids all join in too and it's a really special time.

We also celebrated my beautiful niece's sweet 16th. Happy birthday, Miranda!

Today we worked on our rental property in town, getting it ready for a new family because our previous renters recently moved out. I spent the better part of four hours cleaning ONE disgustingly mistreated side-by-side fridge, and did I mention that we had no heat on in the house and it didn't reach above freezing today? I'm sure you can understand why I picked up Chinese take-out for dinner and was in my flannel pj's and under my heated blanket by 7 pm.

The fridge looks very pretty though. Yeah, accomplishment!

And now I'm experiencing some serious eyelid droopage so let's just cut things short. I'm sure Friday and Saturday were fun but who cares about the details, right?

Right!! Shhhnnnnzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...


  1. I love the family prayer idea! What a great thing to do and awesome example for your kids!

  2. Friday was date night! We never really heard about that!!

  3. EWWWWWWW on dirty disgusting ex-renter fridges... and good on you for making it sanitary for the next renters! As for your missing memory (perhaps it's with your eyebrows) You went on your date night to see Jack Reacher on Friday... had fro-yo for dessert and took cute instagram photos!!!!

  4. Ah yes... Jack Reacher :) LOVED IT. And my date night!