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Monday Confessional


Does this count as a confessional if I'm telling on my daughter? And she doesn't know?

The thing is she did something pretty silly yesterday, something that made me stare in disbelief, roll my eyes in frustration, and finally, laugh. (At her, of course.)

But first off, a word to the wise: if your 11-year-old asks to use your smoothie maker to make shaved ice, it may be best to stay in the kitchen to supervise, rather than laying down to take an afternoon nap.

Mom fail.

Within 10 minutes in the kitchen Kendall managed to shatter the blending jar of my smoothie maker into several pieces and stain my counter top a lovely shade of kool-aid cherry red, a fact that I took relatively well really, making sure she knew I wasn't mad because sometimes accidents happen. I figured since it was several years old the thick plastic had probably weakened in some way.

Um no. Turns out the jar shattered because Kendall left a METAL SPOON inside the thing while running it.

Pretty sure that's not covered under warranty.

I couldn't be too hard on her though, because haven't we all done things like that before? I'm pretty sure I've confessed to at least fifty or so equally embarrassing incidents right here. So thanks, Kendall, I'm glad I'm not the only one ;)


  1. oh no! My little sister is 11 and this is totally something she would do! Sometimes I'm amazed at how much smarter she is than I was at her age, and then sometimes you just have to wonder.

    - tori

  2. Oh no ! .... New smoothie maker ???

    1. or a regular blender with a glass canister!

  3. Tell Kendall I know someone who blew out the side of their plastic blender by putting a baseball sized lump of frozen chocolate chips in it. Maybe the issue is heredi-teri.