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Late night Monday confessional


After a meeting and some errand running this morning I had to drive up into Portland for an appointment and didn't have time to swing back home for lunch. Instead I took my sidekick Blake through a drive-thru and then drove to our destination and parked in the parking garage to quickly eat.

Of course, Blake doesn't know the meaning of "quickly eat", so while waiting for him to finish I decided to check instagram on my phone (since I hadn't looked at it in a whole hour).

Next thing I knew, the parking garage was slowly moving forward (which was weird - it being concrete and all), so I glanced up and saw with shock that we were rolling backwards and halfway to hitting the row of cars parked opposite us.

Turns out parking requires you to actually put your vehicle in PARK. Huh.

Thankful no one was walking behind us,
Jodi (the unsafe cell user)


  1. Scary ! thought you were going tosay you missed your appointment looking at your phone...glad you didn't hit anything.

  2. ha - glad I'm not the only one who does this! Often I try to turn off my car before putting it in park... duh!

    Pearls & Paws