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First of all, thank you for your hairline/eyebrow/no coffee/no chocolate support yesterday!
LOVED the comments :)

And now for the pics from the cell phone this past week!
 Cooper's basketball season has officially begun so we're now in the gym every Saturday for TWO Games in a row. Luckily, I'm a well practiced b-ball watcher! 

 My sister threw my nephew, Hayden, the most awesome 5th birthday party last weekend. She is a genius.

 And are these not the cutest cupcakes you've ever beheld??

My kids got to bring their box cars home and suddenly no one wanted to sit on the furniture anymore.

 And the next day.

And the three days after that. Until they mysteriously disappeared because a mom can only handle 3 large boxes in her living room for so long.

 My cousin Linley at 39 weeks. NOT me ;)

 Cooper has had this Tony Hawk skateboard game for the Wii for almost a year now but Blake has just recently become obsessed with it. Pretty cute to watch because for a four-year-old he's actually not to shabby at it!

Well THIS happened last night while I was trying to adjust our antenna. 
Pretty sure those things aren't supposed to snap off. 
And just like that my American Idol watching dreams went down the drain...

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!
life rearranged


  1. I loved the continueing box use...and their sudden dissappearance...too funny. Sorry about the antenna.

  2. What a fabulous looking party. You know they say that kids really don't want toys for gifts just boxes. Guess this holds true. Hopping over from InstaFriday

  3. I love your instaFriday posts... I need to start taking more pictures with my phone! Perhaps next month when I finally get ready of my "dumb" smart phone and get something new & cool that actually works more than 50% of the time! (Did I just have a "I-hate-my-phone" rant in public, I'm afraid so!) I'm glad the kids enjoyed the boxes for so long, ours are still getting use at our place, along with the gazillion balloons left from the party! I see some mysterious popping happening in the near future.

  4. Your sister throws amazing parties! Can I hire her for my kids? We're just a few short hours away! :)

    1. haha, I need to hire her myself - good thinking!

  5. what a cute party! love the cupcakes :) and you are a nicer mom than me - i don't think i could have lasted 3 days with those boxes in my living room! way to go, momma! have a great weekend :)