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Random pics from the cell phone... if you're on Instagram I'm jodalamode!

Wearing my new hat from my sister that was handmade by our friend Amy. So thank you Kelly and Amy - I love it! Three cheers for a great 2nd-day-hair cover!

 The night that I put together a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle while eating an entire head of cheese covered cauliflower.
*not my proudest moment... but at least it was a vegetable?

 Being amazed by beautiful blue skies.
(In winter. In rainy, drizzly, foggy, Portland.)

 Another pic from New Year's Eve... because I like it :)

 It's frosty out these days! Blake says, "bundle up!"

 Linley NOT in labor - just getting a little baby external inversion attempted!

 Mum and I were along for support. Although when the nurse whispered to us to "distract her!" we immediately froze up and could think of NOTHING to say. I think my mouth hung open for a full 30 seconds. 
Support FAIL.

 Russ has been away at lots of basketball games lately. Last Friday night instead of traveling along, me and the kids had a movie night at Jana's with her kids while her husband worked. I can tell you it was WAAAY better than a basketball game ;)

 My return to the treadmill continues... 16 miles completed so far this month, and 4 in one day when I watched the season opener of Downton Abbey!

Taking a grocery shopping lunch break yesterday with my sidekick. Yesterday was the day he decided he liked the "mustard" (it was mayonnaise) that was on his sub and licked it all up. Huh. Maybe soon he'll finally jump on the ketchup bandwagon?
(so far we're 0-3 in that department with our kids.)

Have a great weekend, everyone!
life rearranged


  1. I love cauliflower, so the cheese-covered version sounds good to me!

  2. Oh, movie night vs a basketball game! Movie night hands down (but I bet my husband wouldn't agree). Also I'm wishing a I had space for a treadmill. I'm training for a 5K and I am so bored running on the road.

  3. Great pics, hey good job on the treadmill, well done. Love the pic of you and me :D