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Awkward and Awesome


- my love affair with my new heated throw. I'm a little obsessed.
- when my husband walks in the room and I don't even notice or answer his greeting because I am GRINNING LIKE A FOOL at Downton Abbey playing on my laptop. And then I do notice him and try to wipe the silly grin off my face but I can't because, it's just so soooo good!
- exiting the wrong way out of the Costco gas station even though there are like FIVE large signs saying which way to go and the gas attendant is yelling "other way!" in the background, all because I'm excitedly texting my husband the great gas price I got. (Love Costco gas!)

- my heated throw. We shall never ever part.
- Dulce De Leche cream cheese spread. Yes, it's real, folks. And amazing.
- $2.50 movies at The Wunderland Theater in Milwaukie. With $1.50 popcorn!
- surprising the kids with a trip to finally see Wreck It Ralph when they thought it wasn't in theaters anymore. And on a school night!
- the logic of a four-year-old: Me: "Blake, why did you just put a fresh t-shirt on under your pajama top?"
Blake: "So in the morning when I wake up I'll already be dressed underneath!"
Hahaha :) Kid has a point. 


  1. Haha, the kid is genius! I bet my husband would do that, anything to save him time and energy in the morning! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. Dulce DeLeche cream cheese is AMAZING !!! Really hard not to just eat straight off the spoon... Ok I did do that. !

  3. OK, I SERIOUSLY need to get on the Downton Abby wagon. Like right now. I've only heard amazing things about it.

  4. Jodi, reading your posts is like eating dulche, in a heated throw, watching a movie, with friends