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Awkward and Awesome - the short list


- while visiting my cousin and her new baby in the hospital yesterday, I noticed my cousin's hubby leaning over to discreetly let her know she had a gap in her gown. I slightly averted my eyes to give her privacy but couldn't help but notice that she didn't seem to make any adjustments, nor could I see where she needed to. Fast forward 2 minutes and I stand up from my seat only to have my cousin discreetly lean over to me to let me know my shirt had come unbuttoned. In THREE spots. Instantly I could see what had really gone down and OH THE SHAME.

- attempting to help my 6th grader with her math homework and having to resort to a google search and a youtube video. The good news is that I am now proficient in regrouping to subtract mixed numbers.

- watching Blake fall in love with a little baby. He was transfixed by little Tristan and held him forever, not wanting to give him up. He kept snuggling his head close to Tristan's and gently touching his nose or forehead. Cutest thing. 

(Unfortunately I made the mistake of telling Blake we'd visit him again when they came home and in the last 24 hours Blake has asked when that will be approximately 462 MILLION times, cried when he found out we probably wouldn't see them today, and concocted a plan for Mike and Linley to move in with us, which includes Mike sleeping on the couch, Linley on the floor (poor Linley!), and baby Tristan in Blake's room, of course.)

- forgetting my grocery shopping list at home but still managing to remember every single thing I had written on it. Booyah! Memory for the win!

- a mommy/daughter date night with Kendall - watching American Idol on the couch while Kendall practices her french braiding on my hair (and I purr).


  1. So cute of Blake..course there IS a way to remedy his need for new baby..but I'm sure that would fall in to your Awkward catergory ;D

  2. I sure love you guys! That picture of Blake in the hat gave me a weird moment. I saw Russell from out growing up days first and then Blake. Genetics are amazing and creepy.

  3. Oh that is awkward! Thank goodness for youtube some pretty awesome sites out there that really break down math problems. My son asked to see cousins about a million times. Equally endearing and annoying.