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What I Wore Wednesday


Today we head off to Eastern Oregon (Baker City to be exact) to cheer on our High School Varsity boys basketball team - who made it into the final 8 in the State Championship Playoffs! 

No, my husband's team (the Varsity girls) didn't make it quite that far, losing their state playoff game last Tuesday, but we're just as excited for the boys team and plan on having a great mini-vacation with plenty of family and friends who are traveling along as well.

This is the pile of clothes I'm taking for the next 5 days (minus my socks and undergarments),
and I'm only taking two pairs of shoes.
That's packing pretty light for me... we'll see how I make it!

And here's what I wore this past week... 

Old Navy dress, Target cardy, Ross belt, Walmart leggings and boots
Costco cardy, Shade tee, Target jeans, Ebayed Uggs, Saturday market scarf
Old Navy cardy, Ross top, Target jeans, thrifed wedges
Old navy cardy & necklace, Target dress,  Walmart boots
Charlotte Russe shirtdress, Target cardy, Dress Barn belt, Walmart leggings, Nordstrom cardy Uggs, and I think Target hat. 
(Notice my traveling mirror? Since moving into our master suite last week I haven't quite figured out where it's new home is going to be :)

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The camera thief strikes again


Blake is notorious for swiping my camera and taking pictures while no one is looking, and then putting it back where he found it before anyone notices.

I usually only find out because almost every time I load my pictures onto the computer I'll find several odd shots in a row of random things around the house. Followed by the classic face shot:

The last couple of camera uploads have held some extra surprises though.

First, I found this picture and thought maybe I'd taken it out our new bedroom window and forgot about it.
That right there is a lawn that hasn't seen a mower since sometime last fall. 
 But then I checked out the next shot and it made more sense:
Hahaha. Busted!

Secondly... Blake learned how to use the self-timer. I caught him red-handed on this one, which is how I know it wasn't one of his siblings who took this, and can I just say how impressed I am that he centered himself perfectly in front of the camera?

But I didn't know he'd already taken this one! 

Boys are such BOYS!

(Which explains why my son is perfectly content to wear one sock only, and with a giant hole in the toe no less!)

(Oh, and that's my husband's rear in the background.... perched as close to the TV as possible while watching game film to prep for an upcoming basketball game, safe from all possibility of someone walking in front of him and blocking the screen for a millisecond ;) 

Hello, Room!


 Hello, basically completed lovely new master suite. 

 Hello, gorgeous sleigh bed. 
Hello, $49.00 clearance bedding that I am in love with. 

 Hello, blank walls just waiting for some Pinterest-inspired decorating.
(and hello, uncompleted wiring sticking out of the wall.)

Hello, very wrinkly bedskirt that there is zero percent chance I will ever remove to iron.

Hello, french doors!

Hello, sneaky nightstand drawer, I didn't know you where there at first!
(and hello, kindle light, earphones, pens, extra cellphone case, and little bag of earplugs... in case you were wondering.)

 Hello, pretty dresser. 


Hello, long-awaited second bathroom for this family of five, you will be well used. 
Hello, ugly white shower curtain rod that is going to be replaced as soon as my "oil rubbed bronze" one arrives in the mail (because NO store carries the right color in the size I need.)

Hello, private restroom with your own door.

Hello, double vanity and matching storage/linen unit.
(Hello, more unfinished wiring.)

And hello, $29.00 perfect-sized mirror from Home Depot! You will be hung on the wall very soon.

 Hello, my first ever walk-in closet.

 And hello, open shelving for my husband, who doesn't do well with drawers.
(Or more specifically, getting clothes back IN the drawers ;)
Hello, hiding pull-down ironing board and iron hiding around the corner to the right.

Hello, proper shoe and clothes storage space, how I've needed you!

 Hello, bathroom view from the closet.

And hello, awesomely deep and wide soaking tub.
My children can't wait to swim in you.

Hello, sweet satisfaction of finally living in this new space. 
There are almost no words to describe how wonderful it feels.

What I Wore Wednesday


Happy Wednesday, friends!

I'm linking up with Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy with another week's worth of outfits. 
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Last Wednesday
Aeropostale sweater, Target jeans and booties, SarieJune infinity scarf
Kohl's top, Target jeans and booties, Old Navy necklace
Target cardigan, Charlotte Russe dress, Walmart leggings, Costco sheepskin boots, thrifted belt, Old Navy earrings, Target hat (I think)
Goodwill jacket and dress, Walmart boots,  SarieJune necklace, Maurice's bracelet 
Old Navy cardigan and tunic, Walmart leggings and boots, thrifted necklace
Target sweater, jeans and booties, Old Navy long sleeve tee, Bass outlet necklace
Thanks for visiting today. 
Enjoy the rest of the week, everyone!

I'll be back


Because my new bedroom looks like this right now:

And our only fully free day for moving in this week was sadly shortened yesterday when we opened the box our new dresser was in and found it was damaged - requiring a second trip with the trailer up into Portland in two days to get a replacement...

And my husband's basketball team is competing tonight in the first round of state playoffs at a school 2 1/2 hours away...

And I can't find a black or oil rubbed bronze colored shower curtain rod in the right size to save my life (four different stores out of stock and counting!)...

And my car broke down yesterday and we just found out it's going to cost $400.00 to fix...

And the dirty laundry pile has almost reached the point of no return...

And I haven't cooked a real meal for dinner since last WEDNESDAY...

And our curtain rods are still on the floor after 45 minutes of effort because my husband + late nights + cheap screws that keep stripping + meticulous handyman jobs do NOT mix...

And the hour and a half finale of season two of Downton Abbey, plus the season premiere of The Amazing Race, are now available to watch online...

I'm afraid to say that blogging is about the last thing on my mind right now, and probably for most of this week.

I'm sure you can understand. 

P.S. I'm also sure you can bet that watching the Downton Abbey finale is my absolute TOP priority ;)



It's Friday... time to upload the cell phone pics from the past week! 

Cooper's subtle way of letting us know that this little treat for us on Valentine's Day was really from him. 
In case you can't read his last line it says, "p.s. Cooper did it all by himself".
Kendall was none too pleased.  

I also recently found this note stuck to my kitchen window.
And there it shall stay for a while I think :)

 Enjoying a visit with my beloved Nanna - we had a great catch-up time (pic by Blake).

 Blake enjoyed visiting his Nanna too!

 Miley's new haircut - still laughing at Cooper's face as he gets licked :)

 My sister-in-law Tricia and I cheering on our girls Varsity basketball team
at the district playoffs last night.
(Russ coaches the team and Tricia's daughter, Miranda, is one of his players.)

And guess who won?!! 
We're headed to State, baby!
That's one excited coach, right there. 

Aaaannnnd... Blake gets in trouble once again. 

Sure he's smiling now, but this kid just got busted. 
See his very wet hair? 
He came out of my bedroom to show me his "cool hair" and when I asked him what he put on it
 he tried to tell me he did it with a wet wipe. 
Me: "I don't think so Mister, that looks way too wet. What did you get into?"
Him: "Just one wet wipe, Mom!"
Me: "Hmmm, why don't I just check my room..." (stands up from chair)
Him: "Umm hang on, I just need to clean something up" (races off ahead of me)

And there was the hair gel open and laying on it's side on my dresser. 

Never a dull moment, I tell ya!
Happy Friday, my friends!
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Search results


I have a statistics feature on my blog that tracks certain information about visitors to my site.

One of the things it tracks is the key words entered into a search engine (like google), that have brought people to my blog as a result, and while most of the searches are either some form of my blog title or a search for outfits and clothing items (I do have a lot of "What I Wore" posts), there are sometimes some really random searches that are more entertaining, and I'm sure have led people here quite unwittingly...

"goodwill soulmate" - yes, definitely.
"how to keep a poinsetta indoor plant alive forever" - or in my case, from Christmas till May.
"embarrassing moments pics" - Hello, Monday confessionals.
"date outfits from Walmart" - Well speaking of embarrassing!

Some are weird...

"seen a jod" - what?
"manic frustration trouble" - huh?
"tights to the dentist" - that's a bit concerning.

And then there's the plain disturbing...

"girls sniffing uggs"
"pregnant girls pooping"


I'm pretty sure I've never talked about anything like that before, and if I ever were to, it would be more in the line of pregnant girls NOT pooping, because I'm sorry to break this to any childless reader out there, but pregnancy and constipation go hand-in-hand.

Or so I've heard. Ahem. I don't discuss these things.

What I Wore Wednesday


First of all, yesterday was an awesome Valentine's Day in our household.
Flowers, cards, shopping money, cupcakes, brownies, and chocolate were received by various members of the family quite happily.

As well as these awesome cake pops and cake balls from the loveliest friend.

Secondly, I actually have a full 7 days worth of outfits!
Granted, two of them were from the same day, but that's not a detail I'm going to worry about. 

 Last Wednesday
mid-week church service
Target dress, Old Navy cardy, Costco boots, thrifted belt, gifted handmade scarf
grocery shopping, Kendall's basketball game
Costco sweater, Shade tee, Target jeans and booties, Old Navy necklace
Penny's shirt, Target jeans, Walmart boots, gifted scarf, thrifted bracelet
Friday night
basketball game (don't remember why I changed?)
Loft sweater, Target top & jeans, Walmart boots, Sarie June scarf 
Valentine's Date!
Target sweater, jeans, and booties, Shade tee, Romy necklace, Premier Designs bracelet
Costco sweater, thrrifted skirt and belt, Walmart boots, Fred Meyer necklace, gifted bracelet
prayer group, shopping, meeting
Target head to toe except for the jewelry! (Van Heusen outlet necklace and Premier Designs bracelet)
Happy Wednesday!
As always, I'm linking up with Lindsey.
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