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 Meet Vegemite, one of the many loves of my life. (Thanks to my childhood in New Zealand.)

Vegemite and I were reunited yesterday after a couple of months of being apart (ie: ran out) thanks to two lovely sisters named Rachel and Marie who read my blog and teamed up to bring me a new container all the way from Australia!

I all but cried, it was such a joyous reunion.
 (See? The face of excited joy)

Oh giant tub of Vegemite - I believe you might last me ten + years!

And now a letter of gratitude:

Dear Rachel and Marie:
We have never met,
but I believe I love you.
Thank you for your thoughtfulness and kind generosity
and for the size of the Vegemite jar,
which blew my mind.
Many hugs to you!


  1. Jodi, What a great way to end the year. A personal feature in my favorite blog. Giddy with excitement! Rachel

    1. This made me smile :) Happy New Year to you, Rachel!

  2. And hugs back to you Jodi! Your kind comments to my sister over that last months really touched my heart and when I saw you were out of Vegemite, I wanted to bring back the biggest jar I could find. Your blog is fantastic and I am so excited to see what 2013 brings for you and your wonderful family! xxx

    1. Oh I freaked at the size - I've never seen it come like that before! Safe travels back home!

  3. This post blesses my heart , it's a win win .

  4. Being USA born I don't get the Vegemite thing. But, I witnessed Jodi and her brother and sister ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the jar. They said they could even smell it through the container lid! I left them to their happy sniffing and plans so share the bounty!
    It was fun to watch, so I thank you too.
    (Jodi's sis-in-law)