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The ugly sweater party


Ain't no party like an ugly sweater party!

The place: Tim & Cara's
The people: couples from our church
The food: appetizers and desserts
The rules: wear an ugly sweater and bring an item for the white elephant gift exchange
The competition: STIFF!

Russ and I got all matchy matchy, and Kelly and I attempted to make our sweaters look cute :)

These were the top contenders for the award for UGLIEST OF THEM ALL. And the grand prize went to Mr. Secret Surprise Santa, aka our friend Rob wearing the white pants and baring his midriff, above. It was quite a sight to behold, people.

The white elephant gift exchange was as raucous as ever, as seen in my two favorite pictures from the night:

Totally fun date night. 

Long live the ugly sweater Christmas party!

(And just so you know, the Goodwill or your Grandma's closet is the place to go for the real sweater winners!)

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