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The holiday bazaar


J & J Homemade = Jana and I and our delicious assortment of holiday treats! Plus some cute crafted items by Jana because she's the only half of J & J that is actually crafty.

Just like last year, we had a great time and sold almost all of our food items. 

And now, a mini-tour of the bazaar (an old gymnasium with the brightest blue walls you may have ever beheld)...
The super cute duo of Angie and Amy. Angie made these amazing orange/white chocolate/cranberry scones and I could NOT stay away from them. Two on Saturday and another two Sunday afternoon!

Amy's crochet creations were a huge hit, check out the boot cuffs on the far right - for ladies and girls. I'm hoping a pair are going to show up under the Christmas tree... I may have thrown a few hints out to some family members ;)

My adorable mother-in-law painted gift bags and created cute decorative tabletop arrangements.

I wanted one of these polkadot aprons in a bad way! Made by my friend Cheri, check out her awesome pillows!

My friend Danielle made a TON of awesome home decor items - all hand painted and distressed. She also baked, made soap, bath salts, headbands and bracelets. Oh and she's the mother of seven children!

I'm with you... how does she do it???

Always love Sariejune!

Becky and Nicole and more cute crocheted items that I couldn't stay away from. Darn all these talented ladies!

I could have taken way more pictures of all the vendors but I got distracted shopping and then had to return to my table before I spent all my earnings (a legitimate concern).

I don't know what it is, but sitting at a bazaar booth for a whole day plus part of the next while gabbing with your bestie and all the people who stop by to shop really wears a gal out!

I'd like to request an extra nap today please?

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