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Ten things


1. School is out and my blogging drive has gone on vacation. Be prepared for sporadic posting.

Oh wait, that already happens.

I mean even more sporadic than normal.

2. Tuesday night I went to my first cookie exchange party. Based on the amount of amazing cookies I came home with, it certainly won't be my last. COOKIE SCORE, folks.
The girlfriends I carpooled to the party with: Shay, Kelly, Tricia, & Diana

3. Wednesday night was the kids school program. 45 minutes of total adorableness. Kendall had a speaking part throughout the play and did so awesome - remembering every line and not showing an ounce of nervousness. (Because she didn't have an ounce of nervousness - girl has confidence!)

4. Yesterday I discovered the mystery of my super thirsty Christmas tree: my dog. Under the tree. Lapping up all the water like she'd just escaped the Sahara.

5. This Sunday we'll be celebrating Christmas at my parents with my side of the family. Christmas Eve we'll be at home opening presents with the kids. Christmas day we'll be at Russ's parents with his side of the family, and finally next Saturday we'll be up in Portland for the Cannard/Lynch extended family Christmas with all of Russ's mom's family. Four Christmases in seven days? Bring it on!

6. We get the kids new pajamas for Christmas every year and let them open them Christmas Eve so they can wear them to bed. This year I fell in love with this cozy set for myself and sent Russ this pic asking if he'd like to get them for me as a gift.
"Merry Christmas!" was his reply. Yes! My first flannel jammies since I was 15 years old! They're all wrapped up under the tree and I'm going to be just as excited to open them and try 'em on as my kids are for theirs :)

7. Tomorrow is Jodi and Jana's annual Christmas shopping trip for a holiday outfit. Complete with lunch out and our own small gift exchange. It's one of my favorite holiday traditions!

8. The kids have been out of school for 36 hours and we have already:
- put two puzzles together
- baked with Grandma
- built a gingerbread house
- watched two movies together as a family
- painted a clay train
- wrapped presents

9. We may have been a little gung-ho for Christmas break. 



  1. You are one fun Mom! You've already done so much with your kids-amazing! Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

    1. Merry Christmas to you, Amanda! And don't be too amazed... there'll be plenty of leaving them to their own devices while I hide in my room with a book ;)

  2. Jodi, love the list! Max has been drinking water out of our tree too! Silly dogs! Merry Christmas.