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InstaFriday on Saturday, again


There's something about Fridays that just makes it a little harder for me to blog. Why is that? Maybe because I'm ready for the weekend and it feels like a chore? And then I'm all, well blogging is just for fun so forget that!

But by Saturday it seems like a fun idea again.

So here we are! My week in cell phone pics...
I love homemade chicken pot pie. And by homemade I mean with that Pillsbury refrigerated pie crust that you roll out.

New mug from a mug exchange Christmas party I went to Tuesday night for the ladies of our church. It's the perfect size for my daily instant mocha mix :)

My Nanna's bathroom counter. You could say she has a thing for Elizabeth Taylor's "Passion" perfume. She has been wearing it for decades. Don't you love it when a certain scent instantly reminds you of someone? I need a signature scent!

Always fun to run into a friend while out grocery shopping. Hello, Jana and Emily!

After much review reading, I decided to see what this bare minerals thing was all about. I've been a MAC girl for years but the bare minerals counter was right next to MAC in Nordstrom and I'd simultaneously run out of my foundation and powder so I went over to check it out and ended up getting a full facial including my face washed with a clairisonic brush! It was heavenly and I loved their product so made the switch.

It's the little things that make my girly-lovin' soul happy :)

What else makes me happy: fancy French and English soaps. They are so fragrant and I just love them. I picked these two up on our recent trip to Leavenworth, WA.

So this was weird: I stopped in at Target while out grocery shopping and magically found 13 clearance clothing items to try on. (That's not the weird part, happens all the time.) When I got back to the fitting rooms the attendant pointed out the new leak spot on the ceiling and was all excited because she thought it looked like the Target symbol and thought it was soooo strange.

I think she was a little lonely back in her corner because she went on about it for a while and informed me she'd called her managers to come check it out. I went along with her, making the proper "hmmmm!"  and "that's crazy" remarks before disappearing into my room to try my items on, but then she came and stood outside my door while I changed to update me on everyone's remarks when they came back to see the water stain, like we were co-conspirators.

The whole thing was awkward. So I took a picture.

And then this happened!
I love Target clearance! (And color, obviously.)

Hope you are all enjoying a fabulous weekend, my friends!

life rearranged

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