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InstaFriday - holiday treats edition!


Happy weekend, friends! 

I'm selling treats at a Christmas Bazaar held at our church tomorrow and have been in the kitchen quite a bit the last couple of days. I did get out and about a little though, here's the instagram proof!

Monday night: Russ's first home game of the season. It was "pink out night" (raising money for cancer awareness) and the team was all in pink! Pretty awesome.

Blake likes to play with the camera on my phone when I'm engrossed in daddy's games and not paying attention. This was my "hey, you little stinker!" face when I found the camera 4 inches from my nose!

Tuesday night: Walmart run with Mum for all the ingredients I needed for my bazaar treats. The checkout lady wanted to know why I was taking a photo of my stuff... how to explain InstaFriday?

Thursday: out running errands with Blake... one for me and one for him!
Love their free whipped cream cups :)

Cooper's latest, drawn yesterday while watching the old cartoon. Pretty sure I'm running out of room in the file cabinet with all his pictures that I MUST. KEEP.

And on to the treats! Here's what I've been whipping up in the kitchen:
Recipe found on the blog Joy's Hope. Love her blog! And this addictive toffee.

No recipe, but got the idea from seeing several different kinds on Pinterest. LOVED how these turned out!

Instructions found HERE, again via Pinterest. I am, of course, a sucker for anything with the words peppermint white chocolate in them.

A recipe I've had for years and don't remember where it came from. But I googled the name and found the same recipe HERE. This stuff is amaaaazing.

And thanks to my sister, I have cute labels for my packages!

No picture of the popcorn baggies - just Christmas edition quart sized ziplocks.

Here's hoping all these goodies sell!

I'll post pictures of my table and some of the other cute stuff found at the bazaar (that I'll probably have bought, because you know I'm a sucker for bazaars...) on Monday!

life rearranged

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