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Turkey and football


Is a whole week after too late to talk about Thanksgiving?

How about if I condense it to pictorial collage form?

As I mentioned last Friday, my sister hosted Thanksgiving for the first time last Wednesday night and we had ourselves a beautiful and scrumptious evening.
You may notice the white TV screen in two of the above pictures... that would be Kelly's slideshow for the evening welcoming us all and listing the dinner and dessert menu.

Yes, she's a firstborn.

Not only that, but she also got all Pinteresty on us and created a popcorn turkey just for the kids table. The kids didn't know what was inside until Papa carved it open... witness the excitement!
In the meantime, I not only vowed to myself to never try and throw Thanksgiving at my house ever, because I can't compete with the likes of popcorn turkeys, but I also managed to burn my berry crisp to an ACTUAL black crisp after deciding that it wasn't quite done enough and sticking it back in the oven. And then promptly forgetting all about it.

You guys, I'm a DELIGHT to have over for special occasions.

On Thanksgiving Day we celebrated with Russ's side of the family and some church friends at my sister-in-law's and it was a literal FEAST. 
Such a relaxing and easy day. After eating around 1 pm, the kids (all 17 of them!) played upstairs or outside, and we vegged out watching football, movies, visiting, NAPPING, and looking at the ads, before going in for round two of feasting around 6 pm.

And I'm happy to report I didn't burn anything this time. 

On Saturday we went over to our friends, the Nofs, for the big civil war game between the Ducks and the Beavers. 
This is serious business, people! Notice the TWO television screens set up in the living room. It was another fun day of great food and celebrating with friends (for the win!).

I just love the holiday season (aka party season!). This week I've already attended a Christmas mug exchange party for our church's women's bible study groups, and Russ and I are going to a couples ugly sweater Christmas party this weekend! 

And Ohhh, just you wait until you see the ugliness... The Goodwill did NOT disappoint :) 


  1. I love Thanksgiving with all the food and family times! This year, my brother and his family were able to join us for the first time in 6 years. He is a park ranger and has been living 3000 miles away until this August when he moved "only" 12 hours away. It made a great holiday even better. Oh, and the shopping on Saturday didn't hurt!

    1. Family is the BEST part about the holidays, for sure! Shopping may run a close second though ;)