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My week in Instagram... and Oh, what a great week it has been!

Dentist trip #2: waiting for big brother and sister's cleaning. Blake had the waiting room almost to himself and was lost in his own world, acting out pretend scenes with imaginary characters.. out loud. It was the cutest.

Tuesday night I went to the new Breaking Dawn movie, AGAIN ;), this time with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law and a couple of girlfriends. We ran to the grocery store afterwards, then stopped for gas, and it wasn't till then that I discovered the giant metal model car that had apparently been sitting in the bottom of my purse all evening.

I had to laugh out loud. How did I miss that thing? And what the heck, Blake?!

 Wednesday night Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's. Didn't she set up her living room so cute?

My place setting. 

 New game we played after dinner - great game for a crowd!

Thursday morning I stayed in bed while Russ went and got me the paper. Then I stayed in bed while I looked at all the ads! Welcome to my happy place ;)

That afternoon we enjoyed Thanksgiving with Russ's family, where I failed to take any pictures on my phone but have regular photos to blog with soon.

And THEN... it was time to SHOP!
For the first time we went to Salem instead of Clackamas and struck GOLD. This was an hour after their Black Friday sales began... Ummmm, Hellooooo?

NOTHING like the craziness of where we've gone in the past. We found all that we wanted and by the time we checked out at 10 pm the check out lines were still only 5 people per line, max. In the mean time we found out that the Clackamas Walmart had reached capacity and we had friends still waiting outside just to get in!

 Mum and I, excited about our success.

And our shopping partners in crime, Tricia and Jana.

After that we went to Target, which was also relatively calm, and had great success there as well. We were done and headed home a little after 1:00 am (as opposed to 6:00 am like last year!)

Which is why I'm enjoying my Friday right here, in front of the fire :)

Happy Friday to you!
life rearranged


  1. Wow!! Ya'll did strike gold with no crowds! I'm still too scared to venture out on Black Friday! And your sister did a wonderful job on her Thanksgiving table!

  2. The Thanksgiving table is very pretty. I like the arrangement of the tables too.
    I think people need to shop your way. I thought all big discount stores were busy.
    Stopping by from InstaFriday.


  3. Love the pitures, love the recap, loved the events.