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Hurrah for another weekend!

My past week in cell phone pics...

 Kendall at Little Ladies Night Inn last weekend.
I think the look she was going for here was off-to-the-ball-angel?

Blake is a PRO at the dentist. Watching Mom and big brother and sister get their teeth cleaned twice a year ever since he was a baby made him itch for his own turn in the big chair by the time he was two and a half. He's been a regular ever since!

The old fogies headed off to school for "retirement day".
(I know I shared this earlier in the week, but c'mon, it's funny enough for a 2nd go-round, right? :)

 A little Dutch Bros. to warm me up on my 40-something degree grocery shopping morning.

 And here's where the real fun began... stocking up on favorite treats for Thursday night's adventure...(peach rings, wedding mints, dry roasted peanuts, and peppermint crunch Junior Mints for Jana, which I hid in my purse before entering the theater and then forgot all about and never gave to her! I only remembered now seeing the picture of them again! *face palm*)

 Twilight marathon and Breaking Dawn Part II premiere!
Kelly, Jana, Me, Sairaina, Mum, Melody, and Angie (not pictured: Jill, Keri & Deanna)


 With Jana, aka the girl who never got her Junior Mints. 
Our lanyards were our credentials to get in and out of the theater whenever we wanted (Starbucks run, KFC run, popcorn run, twenty two potty break runs...)

Such a fun night. LOVED the final movie!!! 

 Blake's alien. I asked him if his alien had a name... "yeah, Mom! Alien!"

Finally, an Oreo I can get behind!
No coconut flavored food product is left untried and this one was a winner :)

I'm linking up here! Happy weekend!
life rearranged


  1. That looks like total fun. I wish I would have known that it was happening!
    Girls night always rocks!

  2. awe you guys have real Twilight credentials! haha! how fun! love that your grocery shopping is on chilly mornings...still waiting for that in our state:)

  3. Hi, I just came around your blog and I find it's great! It would be nice to follow each other, what do you think? I'm following you right now, hope you can follow back!
    Have a fabulous week!

    Best wishes, Alex

  4. Totally forgot that peppermint junior mints are out! thanks for the reminder. Um, that will probably be on the list for black Friday, ur, Thursday!