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Another week has come to an end. (Well, almost. Close enough.)

 Here's what the cell phone camera captured...

 Riding with my cool dude, Cooper. He's pretty obsessed with his hair these days, he changes his look daily!

Reunited with my hubby who was away at hunting camp for 5 days last week. 
He looks a little sleepy because he rolled in at 2 am!

Sunday afternoon snuggles in front of the fire are the best. 

 My shopping helper, who insisted on pushing the cart and unloading it all by himself. 
Now to get him to pay and I'll be golden! ;)

My trio on Wednesday night, pre-candy-induced-coma stage.

 And one more, because I can't help myself!

 Blake did his own hair and was soooo proud of himself. I snapped a picture of him when he came to show me and then he suggested we come over by the dining room table for "better light".
Whaaaa? He cracks me up :)

Pretty clouds coming home from grocery shopping.

Where I bought FOUR Christmas presents - the earliest I've ever started!
*Pats self on back*

Happy weekend!
life rearranged


  1. Wow, that cloud pic came out really great...
    ( preparing for Spider man next week :D .....and his companion ...Spider dog !! who can leap small buildings with a single bound

    1. Hahaha - and who has the ability to get filthy dirty in 5 seconds flat!

  2. Great pics. Did you really buy 4 presents at the grocery store?

    1. Costco, baby! They're all decked out for Christmas already.

  3. That picture of the clouds is stunning! The picture of you and your hubby reunited makes me ready to be at that point - my hubby has been out of town for a few days on business and I am so ready to be reunited!