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InstaFriday - Leavenworth edition


And you thought I was done blogging about our trip to Leavenworth, oh ho ha ho!


Here's the cell phone edition of our trip!

It's sariejune!

Russ and Doug chatting about basketball and hoops and practices and basketball. It was a long drive (5.5 hours) and the ball talk never got old!

Starbucks played a big part in our trip. Sometimes more than once a day!

We stopped for lunch at Red Robin on the way up and Sarah and I spotted this trendy looking consignment store across the parking lot. Well who says you have to get to your vacation spot before you can start shopping?!!

There were racks and racks of designer jeans - mostly all for $35.00 or less. Sarah and I both got a pair :)

Ahhh... no kids... no schedule... bliss.

The picturesque view from our condo balcony.

One of the many cute stores in town.

We dined here for lunch one day. Great reubens. (Or so I hear from husband. I got a very authentic avocado BLT ;)

Playing qwirkle - a fun and easy game that is kinda addicting. We also played a few rounds of Settlers of Catan - which, as we all know, is WAY addicting.

We're home now and enjoying our kids who are off school till next Tuesday!

 Have a happy weekend!!
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  1. Looks like a fun vacation. I would go there just to buy some jeans! What a great find.

  2. I love the Gingerbread Factory sign! So cute! :D

  3. Love that you had such an awesome time are great too :D