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A little nothing about nothing


I tried really hard to think of something to blog about all day yesterday, but really, when the highlight of your 3-day holiday weekend is browsing the black Friday ads online and watching Arthur Christmas with your children, twice, there isn't that much to say.

...Except what is up with stores opening earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving DAY instead of waiting until 5 am Friday morning like the good ol' shopping days of yore? I Object!

(That being said, I still started my Christmas shopping list with detailed store notes, just in case, and I'm not promising I won't be out by midnight with the crazies when all is said and done.)

But back to our uneventful weekend. We rented a couple of movies, hung out with family, watched the Ducks game, played Qwirkle with the kids, caught up on odd jobs around the house, and zzzzzzz.... oh sorry, dozed off there just writing about how boring we were!

The bottom line is, it was quite lovely :)

A belated thank you to all the veterans out there who have served our country - thank you!


  1. My weekend was EXTREMELY boring I haven't had any blog updates in quite awhile because my life is so boring! LOL

  2. Well boring is better than drama-filled so well done us ;)