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What I Wore Wednesday


Just four outfits this week.

But first, an important salamander update:
After blogging late last night about not being able to blog late last night (due to the fact that I had a dead salamander on my hands), I got side-tracked by a couple of other late-night chores and actually forgot to dispose of the carcass, darn it all.

You would think this would result in terribly sad children come morning, but instead it resulted in a house-wide salamander search because, ohhh yes, the kids discovered it was missing from it's container alright and sounded the state of emergency alarm, but if I didn't remove the thing, who did?

I'll tell you who did! The devious little salamander himself! He was obviously tricking me last night, knowing I would THINK it was dead and leave the lid off. (Props to him, I jabbed him a couple times and everything!)

So yes, I let a salamander loose in our house.

It has yet to be found.

(It's like an actual circus in this house sometimes, I kid you not.) 

Shall we move on to the outfits?

Last Wednesday
 Costco cardy, nike white tee (yard sale), thrifted Target jeans, Target booties, Old Navy necklace

 Old Navy cardy, Ross dress, Walmart leggings and boots, Maurice's bracelet

 Kohl's top, Target jeans, Old Navy necklace & shoes

Shade vest, yard sale turtleneck, thrifted Target jeans, Target booties

Happy Wednesday, all.
pleated poppy


  1. Love the striped cardi and the black and white dress! So cute. :)

  2. Really like the yellow accessories and those flats. Super cute outfits!!!

  3. Yikes at the salamander! I would be so creeped out by that. :) Love your looks this week! The dress you wore on Sunday is super flattering.

  4. Jumping on board with the love for the first 2 looks! That dress looks fabulous on you and the grey really compliments your coloring!

  5. Yikes, I would be freaking out if there was a salamander loose in my house! Hope he/she makes it back into the cage soon. Great outfits... I love how three of the four includes stripes which are my favorite! Happy Halloween!

  6. I love your first outfit. You look so chic. Can't wait for our vaca! :)