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What happens when you procrastinate


What happens when you procrastinate is that you have a photo shoot taken of your children in April and then you realize in October that you still haven't done a single thing with the shots since you got a digital copy of them after the session.

Beautiful shots. Just sitting. In a file. On your computer.

Until today!

Here are a few faves... and you'll never believe it but I'm actually having them printed too.

(My sister-in-law, Tricia, just fell off her chair in shock reading this. It's true, Tricia. PRINT-ED.)


I totally love them ALL.

Now to get them  up on the wall... within the next year ;)

All shots taken by my amazing friend, Diana. 


  1. Beautiful! And, to make you feel a smidge better, I just this past week had canvases made with the photos from our professional shoot in June 2010. We've talked for years about having one really big nice family photo from each of the places we've lived (the 2010 photos were literally the day before we moved across the country...the first time), and it is finally happening! Maybe next year I'll get the Florida photos printed up and

  2. Your friend took some great pics. I love the one where they are alternating back, forward, back on that log fence. Such a cute pose.

  3. These pictures are GREAT!!! Love the one of them on the fence. Good luck getting them up on the's so hard getting everything done, I know!

  4. Gorgeous shots! I especially love that you were able to capture him with some teeth missing, lol! Because that age never lasts. If it makes you feel any better, I have a blank picture frame collage that is supposed to hold pictures of our family. Yup, it's been blank about a year now. It's not even hung up and we finished redecorating the sunroom two months ago!

  5. Ahem...birthday coming up...need wall art

  6. Jodi! Am finally on my computer to leave some comments ;)

    These photos are so gorgeous, but oh my gosh, that first one of your daughter is STUNNING! The vest she's wearing just makes her eyes pop. And I love the one of all 3 kids walking away holding hands....precious. And yay for getting them printed! I'm the many digital pics stored away that will just never see the light of day *sigh*

    Off to leave some more comments :)

    Have a great weekend,

  7. I have some very cute nephews and niece! Now only if those cute pics could some how magically end up in my frames just itching for updated photos of my darling family! (I know, I know, baby steps... getting them printed was step one:))

  8. Those photos are gorgeous, especially the second last one. :)