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Weekend partying ( the good kind)


So yesterday was an overshare... aaawkward! 

Note to self: don't write Monday Confessionals at almost midnight when you're mind isn't fully in the game. You will not self-edit properly!

Today I'm keeping it clean and pretty: party pictures! And not just any party pictures... fancy cake and anniversary dinner party pictures!

First up is the baby shower I attended Saturday afternoon. My cousin Dawson and his wife Anna had their first child 6 weeks ago, and as they live out of town, this was the first time a lot of the extended family got to meet sweet baby Reagan. It was a fun family mini-reunion!

I didn't take my regular camera along, but I had to whip out the cell phone when I saw the amazing cake (and mini-cakes!):

It was made by a family friend and her teen daughter and I'm thinking they need to go into business. I just died over the ruffles on the base layer of the main cake!!

That's my cousin Dawson above on the right, with baby Reagan - who's looking like she wasn't too sure what she thought of me. I promise you, I didn't sneeze AT ALL around her!

And this is Anna, Reagan's gorgeous mama. (In the middle... that's my sister on the right in the fabulous knitted scarf. Don't be confused because she's trying to steal the baby.) Because we don't get to see Dawson and Anna (and some of the other shower guests) very often it was an extra special time. I love family! (Oh and the cake was gooood.)

Know what else I love? Grown-up parties with no kids! Wheeeeee!!! That's what happened Saturday evening when we attended a special celebration dinner for our dear friends, Doug and Sarah, who renewed their vows for their 20th wedding anniversary.

 Awww, aren't they the CUTEST? I won't lie, I shed a little tear!

And THIS was the beautiful dinner decor:

Sarah did it herself, fancying up the pond house on the back of their family farm for the occasion.

We were even served a three course meal by a catering staff! It was delicious... just look at me, I was caught licking my fingers in this shot, it was that good! (You'll have to excuse my bad manners, how did I know there would be photographic evidence?)

It was a fun date night for Russ and I... surrounded by friends, most who have been happily married 10+ years and some plenty more, seeing what we have to look forward to ourselves (13 and counting!). Go, marriage!


  1. Wow that cake is amazing! I love the baby carriage on the top of the cake! They should definitely go into business!

  2. Enjoyed the adult chat too. Fun weekend highlight.

  3. Pictures are great Jod, specially love the pic of you and Russ...course the one with Doug and Sarah is an awesome foursome as well...wish we had a pool house to have large gatherings in !!

  4. awe that cake and cupcakes are just adorable! You look so pretty in that dress!