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Two boys sleeping


The way my two boys (here nicknamed Bert & Ernie) sleep says a lot about their personalities:

Oh, Bert.
So organized. So neat. So methodical.
Notice the perfectly lined up stuffed animals.
Straighten the comforter when you get up and you're good to go!

Now take Ernie on the other hand!
Disaster. Tornado. Mess.
Comforter, pillows, and who knows what else all on the floor.
Huddle up in a ball if you want to stay warm under that one twisted blanket!

Oh, Bert & Ernie, you boys crack me up even when you sleep.


  1. Made my morning. Love them nephews!

  2. So cute! My older son sleeps like your oldest does, all stuffed animals lined up like that! My little guy is still in a crib so we'll see how he turns out!

  3. Bert is "a bone on his own" ha ha (got that from S.N ) Love them both.