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The weekend list


Over the last 3 days we:

- played team Scattergories with our kids and discovered that it's way more fun to play in pairs than individually. Also, having a fourth grader on your team that knows most of their states and capitals is quite handy.

- ran a garage sale booth as part of a big parking lot sale at our church. It was lots of fun. And really exhausting. But mostly fun, and of course worth it, because the advantages of shopping at all the other booths straight from the earnings of our own sale became clear to me at the start and I not only made a haul, but came away with one too!
I speak for myself as seeing this as an advantage though. Pretty sure Russ was in the opposite court on that one.

-  bought a travel trailer. At an AWESOME, AMAZING, STEAL of a price. I wish we could keep it as our own but we are actually excited to turn it around and resell it to pay off some debt.
I just have to keep telling myself that. Because I really, really want to keep it.

- went out on a date night and saw The Bourne Legacy. LOVED it.
And my date, obviously.

- were church greeters for the second week in a row thanks to my little mix up last week. Except this week by "we" I mean "Russ", because he offered to do it on his own while I prepared for guests coming over for lunch afterwards. And that's why I walked the walk of shame into church 25 minutes late.

(Sunday mornings are very difficult for me to multitask on.)

- let the kids watch a Disney channel original movie on Netflix while we worked on a couple of projects, and both got sucked into the movie against our wills, watching the whole silly thing.
I would be more embarrassed, but I'm not the one who actually teared up during it.
*cough, cough... husband*


  1. You were busy! and there is no shame in watching Good Luck Charlie. It's a cute show! Although I can't say I cry when I watch it ;)

  2. Team Scattergories... oh the games you and I could conquer dear sister!!!! Although Coop may still have me on the states and capitals. And Russ can always be counted on to tear up at a good movie...or commercial... always makes me smile!

  3. Good Luck Charlie is big in our house....I think I like it as much as my girls (the mom cracks me up) and I've seen that Christmas special more than once. No shame, sista! ;)