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Scrap Around the Clock recap


Our Fall 2012 Scrap Around the Clock was our biggest yet. 58 attendees, including 15 first timers.

Word just keeps spreading!
It went soooo well too, if you don't include the part where I took off half my big toe nail carting in two cases of water. And don't even ask me how I managed to do that... I'll just say it took a lot of talent considering I was wearing socks and tennis shoes.

Our awesome crew consists of (left to right): Annie, Kelly, Linley, myself, Karyn, & Gaylen. We have a lot of fun together and make a good team.

We also have the best caterers IN THE STATE - Angey & Amy (pictured here with my mother) who did another over-the-top amazing job.

My personal favorite was the individual banoffee pie cups. Banana & homemade toffee sauce? I'll take three please.

And our favorite vendors all returned, including the darling Sarah of sariejune. I just can't keep away from her store... which is why I now have 3 of her necklaces, 2 flower pins, a dog leash, 3 totes, and about 4 scarves!

 Getting to hang out the whole time with my sister and Mum was just the icing on the cake.

A cake that takes me about 48 hours to fully recover from. Phew am I tired afterwards! I'm already looking forward to our next event in April 2013 though :)


  1. This actually looks like the coolest event ever. I would So go to something like that, although I'm sure I would make a grand total of like, two cards the entire time, because I'd be so distracted by everybody else! :P

  2. This sounds amazing! I totally need to do something like this! Is it opened to anyone? Where is it located?

    1. It is absolutely open to anyone... who's a lady... over the age of 13 :)It's in Molalla, OR. We have ladies come from as far away as Spokane, Scappoose, Albany, Hood River, etc.
      It would be sooo fun to meet you!

    2. I may just have to come down in April. Putting it on my calendar now! It WOULD be fun to meet you!

    3. It would be awesome to meet you! I'd totally save you a seat :)

  3. This looks so fun! Do you have vendors with handmade items there too? Hmmm, I could be interested in that in the future....I've never been to Oregon ;) Oh, and I'll gladly take a couple of those banoffee pie cups off your hands, YUM!!!

    1. Just one handmade vendor so far, we'd love to have you!!