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Pumpkin pinterest party


Remember the pinterest party I blogged about a while back? With all the amazing food?

Well this month's pinterest party was all about painting pumpkins. And obviously it was a popular idea because 31 ladies showed up to get their painting on. It was a pumpkin MAD HOUSE!

Besides paints and brushes there were stencils and stamps, lace and ribbons, glitter, metallic rubs, and hot glue guns. And there was STILL amazing food :)

My sister and I went for the argyle/chevron look so popular on pinterest right now and we were pretty happy with how they turned out - us being amateur painters and all.

(As apposed to our non-amateur painter friend, Ellie, who created this masterpiece!)

Shay and Cindy co-hosted again. They are a fabulous team who even went door to door in their neighborhood putting invites on doors. I think 3 or 4 neighbors came! Go team Shady!

(Oh yes, I came up with that all on my own!)

Check out the owl on the left. ADORABLE! There were so many cute finished looks but because mine took so long to finish (save time and buy a white pumpkin, people!) I missed getting pictures of a lot of them. I was too busy blow drying my pumpkin in the kitchen.

Seriously, don't be like me!

It was really fun getting a little crafty with girlfriends. Looking forward to the next party!


  1. Nice work "everyone" ... they all came out great! I'm sorry I didn't get to be there. Buying a base coloured pumpkin ... great idea, note taken :D

  2. That is so awesome! I love the Pinterest party and I love that you decorate pumpkins. So creative!

  3. Awesome! I think my favourites in the bottom pic are the orange on with the black spirals, and the black one with white spots. :)