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Monday Confessional



That's right. Advance tickets.
All day Twilight movie marathon. 
AND the Breaking Dawn part 2 premiere. 
On opening night. 
With 200 screaming teenage girls.
For the measly cost of $15.00 and all of my pride. 

Sometimes a girl just gets talked into doing crazy things by their friends. Or in this case, friend, who shall remain nameless but who's initials begin with MY BEST FRIEND JANA.

(Or perhaps it went more along the lines of casually being asked if I wanted to go and immediately responding, "oh my gosh YES. I would LOVE TO!", it's hard to remember...)


  1. LOL! Funny! Oh well, I hope you have fun. :P

  2. Dang -- I had to pay $35 for my advance Twilight marathon tickets! Good deal! ;-)

    1. Wow big difference! I wonder why? Enjoy though, I plan on it :)

  3. Funny, went out with work friends for lunch yesterday and shared that the no 1 highest paid actress was not Meryl Streep but the leading lady of Twilight. One quiet friend blurted out that not only could she not act, but the she had decded the trick to acting like a vampire was to look constipated-sooooo I had to share son-in-laws advice that Breaking Dawn would get more men if named Breaking Wind...we did have a fun lunch, you will too.