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Monday Confessional


With a head cold comes phlegm. It's a fact.

A disgustingly gross, disgusting fact.

So Friday afternoon I was still sneezing after a week-long cold and fully aware of potential phlegm issues when a friend walked over to chat through my car window after I pulled into the school parking lot to pick up my kids. I envisioned the absolute worst, a surprise sneeze resulting in a slimy projectile hitting my front windshield for all to see.

("All" being the friend talking to me, because really it doesn't matter if it's an audience of 1 or 100, the desire to DIE ON THE SPOT would be the same.)

Luckily this did not occur. (The projectile part. The sneezing happened twice.)

Great story so far, right? I can see you all... "why is she even writing about this subject in the first place? Because like she already mentioned, GROSS".

I'm sorry. It's just that it seemed a little ironic that later that evening when my family took a meal over to another friend's house, I didn't think about the potential hazards at all... and then proceeded to sneeze up an indecently large specimen right onto my daughter's hand in the middle of dinner! And I'll tell you something: an eleven-year-old handles this kind of situation neither graciously nor quietly.



  1. Ewwww, Ewwww, Ewwww...and oh I can only imagine Kendall's reaction. I bet Tracy laughed her head off!!

  2. Sorry but the entire time I was reading this, I was chuckling at the thought of the zit popping scene on Osmosis Jones.

  3. Oh Jodi, that was hilarious, don't stop being you honey ! I laughed out loud.