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Oh, Instagram. You make all my sad cell phone pictures look just a little bit prettier, and I love you so!

 My painted pumpkin is still looking good! It will be so sad to throw it away when it starts to go bad.

Our post office is awesome. They play classic cartoons in the lobby for kids to watch while parents do their business. Russ and I have been selling some stuff on ebay for a friend so I've been a frequent flyer here lately!

 Cheering on my niece's varsity volleyball team. They are off to districts and so fun to watch!

Peanut butter cookies ready to go in the oven. I don't know what it is about Fall... I want to bake all the time!

Kendall woke up early last weekend to surprise Russ and I with breakfast in bed, just because. She scrambled eggs with ham & cheese and served it on toast with a yogurt side... so thoughtful and actually quite delicious! LOVE that girl!

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your fabric hair! We switched out Cooper's dresser so his old one was in the living room for an afternoon. It didn't take long for it to be transformed into a tall tower that Rapunzel needed to be rescued from.

Unfortunately, neither of her brothers were very interested in stopping their lego play to be her knight in shining armor so Rapunzel sat up there for quite a while.

The brown boot brigade! My friends Cassi, Nicole, and I all showed up to prayer group in our brown boots so we had to snap a pic.

It's a girl thing.

 A little Pad Thai lunch date with the Blakester while out running errands. I'm going to miss his company when he starts school next year!

Russ and my brother in law, Dave, are in Eastern Oregon on a hunting trip this week so Kelly and I are temporary members of the hunting widows club. We had ourselves a little dinner party last night, including sparkling cider and creamy lemon squares for dessert, it was fabulous!

I should be clear that my sister cooked dinner. I make toast when my hubby's out of town.

 Miley anxiously watching out the car window for her "kids" to get out of school. She is such a great family dog.

And that's it! Looking forward to the return of my handsome husband this weekend and probably a bit
more baking! Happy weekend!

 life rearranged


  1. T'is the season to be baking isn't it! cute pics. That Rapunzel is quite the entertainer ..very cute.

  2. Love the brown boot brigade! I think the ones on the far right are my favourites. :)

  3. Looks like a great week; and yum, peanut butter cookies!!!

  4. LOVE the brown boots and the painted pumpkin. Breautiful!!

  5. I love the chevron pumpkin. There are so many cute painted pumpkin ideas out there, but I'm too much of a traditionalist and carve them all in the end.

  6. I was also a member of the hunting widows club this weekend! I don't cook, either, I usually eat cereal for dinner!

    1. I count it as one of the perks of the club... no cooking! :)