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Pics from the cell phone using instagram. They tell a story that other pictures don't always tell; the story of everyday life.

One of our faves: the chicken broccoli braid of Pampered Chef recipe fame. Never any leftovers. Ever.

Hamming it up with the nursery kids at church on a Wednesday night. This little dude, Aiden, is a favorite :)

So Kendall is pretty much amazing. At the tender age of 11 she has officially surpassed my hair styling skills. She did this little number on her cousin, Maddy. I guess it's called a dutch star? I can barely pull off a regular french braid.

Catching up with my sweet friend, Sairaina. Notice we're laying on my bed? Catching up in my house requires hiding in the bedroom away from noisy interrupting children.

Whaaaaaah, the vegemite is gone! Do you know how long this little jar lasted? Years! And it never ever went bad because... it's vegemite - the stuff stays good forever.

Russ working on his side-business. Drawing, planning, measuring, researching. I love his entrepreneurial mind.

Starting my morning off right for my big shopping day yesterday. Groceries plus supplies for Scrap Around the Clock - the 24 hour scrap event I head up that starts TONIGHT!

And now for a little story. 

After my coffee stop Thursday morning I decided to pull into McDonalds for an egg mcmuffin for breakfast. The drive thru lane was packed but I still got in line, which was sticking out into the regular parking lot. The person in front of me must have decided it was too long though because he started to back up to get out of line - and backed up right into me! And then... THEN... he revved his engine and squealed his tires and raced off! 

I'd been hit and run!

Except by hit I mean it was hardly much of a scrape, and by run I mean he squealed tires and zipped off... all the way to the other side of the parking lot where he pulled into a spot and got out and started power walking to the front door! 

WELL. No sir, you didn't! 

I drove right on over there and pulled across the back of his car, yelling, "Sir! SIR!" as he practically ran inside. No response, he pretended to ignore me and went inside. So I did what any normal woman would do. 

I called my husband.

He told me to wait and to get all the guys information when he came out because you never know even with a minor run-in if unseen damage was done. So I did, and let me tell you that it took all of my non-confrontational guts to do it. The man was willing to give me all his info, but denied feeling anything, denied seeing any marks on his own rear bumper even though they were glaringly obvious to me, and had the nerve to ask, "well didn't you see my reverse lights on?!" 

"Yes, right before you backed into me!"

I swear, some people are shameless. Of course it didn't really matter because it was so minor. But still, common decency says you stop and check. I was rattled enough that I had to go to the Goodwill and buy two pairs of jeans to make me feel better :)

I love beautiful crisp Fall days. 

(Even though summer is still my favorite.)

life rearranged


  1. Yes, I can definitely see the need for jeans after such a harrowing experience! (actually anytime is a good time to need jeans, in my book!)

  2. On the floor laughing at your retail therapy, after such a traumatic make me proud friend.

  3. That is CRAZY! oh my word, that man. that is terrible! wow. well you did more then me i would have followed him. I try to avoid confrontation. it is actually something i need to work on. I need to get a backbone. haha. sorry that happened to you and your NEW CAR aw :(

  4. That hairstyle is beautiful! I could never in a million years do that!

    Booo for no more Vegemite, even though I am a Marmite fan myself, haha!

    Wow, yeah, that guy does sound pretty crazy! I would have been annoyed too! That is really rude. :O