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What I Wore Wednesday


Thrift store edition!

(Not planned... looks like I just pulled out a lot of thrifted pieces from my closet this week. Gotta love the Goodwill!)

Last Wednesday
Target dress, Ross belt, Payless sandals, gifted bracelet

And never mind that there's nothing thrifted in this outfit. 
I didn't give myself the memo last Wednesday that my week was going to have a theme!

Old Navy cardy, clothes swap tank, thrifted Target jeans, thrifted sandals

thrifted dress, belt, & bracelet, Famous Footwear wedges
thrifted Target tunic & jeans, Target sandals, thrifted necklace & bracelet

thrifted tee, Maurice's skirt, Payless sandals, Old Navy necklace

And now I want to go thrift shopping! Happy Wednesday :)

pleated poppy


  1. I love coming to read (err...stalk!) your blog! You are so cute. Love these outfits, especially the pops of yellow!

  2. Your Sunday dress is so great!!! I never have any luck at thrift stores...I need to get better at that! (because obviously you DO have luck there!)

  3. I love that black and white thrifted dress! Seriously! So darn cute!

    Dropping in from WIWW!

    Sheena @ A Girl's Guide to Retail Therapy

  4. Love your outfits! I like how you paired the short dress with jeans. I really want to try that. Now I just have to find the right dress! :-)


  5. Cute outfits this week! I love the tunic over the jeans, and the pops of yellow on last Wednesdays outfit.

  6. Adorable as ALWAYS! Of course, you KNOW I love me some thrift.

  7. Sunday's dress is so cute! Love all of your thrifted finds!

  8. Love all of these looks! But especially the second and third. That dress looks fabulous on you!

  9. you are wearing my brown thrifted dress again. I so wish you would send that back to me! :) I love that dress--when it is time to get rid of it, please let me be the one who buys it!!!!

  10. Cute outfits, love the collar on the first striped shirt...

    (enter my stella & dot giveaway!)

  11. I asked myself today, why am I not following this blog? yes, i changed that immediately :) I always like to stop by on Wednesday to check out the great styles you have put together. Hope you have a great week!

  12. ooooh, your black and white dress is stunning on you!!!

  13. Super cute outfits as always. I love Sunday's dress and Tuesday's is my favourite outfit. You have such good luck thrifting. I haven't thrifted in years (unless you include last year's attempt to buy a dress to upcycle for a weeding). I need to start going again.

  14. Friday - delightful,and Monday ..just love that tunic every time you wear it.