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What I Wore Wednesday & a clothing swap


Last week I went to my first ever clothing swap. 


My friend Joni gathered a bunch of girlfriends, had everyone bring clothes/accessories that they don't wear/use anymore, arranged them around the room in categories like pants, skirts, blouses, etc., set up a couple of mirrors, and we went shopping!

(We had eight ladies come so the first go-round rule was 2 items from each category until everyone had looked everything over, and then go crazy after that. Don't forget to take turns showing off your haul at the end!). 

The leftover items were then donated to a local thrift store.

This is what I brought home... 
A like-new purse, two scarves, a maxi skirt, REI puffer vest, cropped cardy, cute striped tank, and a pretty blouse. 

I had to wear the skirt right away.

Last Wednesday
Yard sale tee, thrifted belt, FREE skirt, Target sandals, Premier Designs bracelet.

And then I went camping and took zero outfit pictures.

Target sweater & sandals, Shade tank, thrifted shorts, Premier Designs necklace.

Target dress & sandals, Old Navy cardy, Walmart leggings, thrifted bracelet, Bass outlet necklace.

I kinda sorta forgot about my new stuff amid the chaos of unpacking and doing one thousand loads of camping laundry. But now I'm excited to try out the rest of my new-to-me clothes and accessories!
(Except for the vest. Not quite ready to don down just yet.)

Happy Wednesday!
pleated poppy


  1. Jodi, I love your new-2-u skirt, yeah Joni!

  2. OK...that is a GREAT idea! I love it. May have to use it around here! Your haul was amazing!!!!!!!!!

  3. Cute oufits! Love a clothing swap. The ladies from church did this once. Such a great idea and lots of fun.

    Visiting from The Pleated Poppy...


  4. A clothing swap sounds like so much fun! Love everything you picked up...that skirt is beautiful!

  5. What a great idea! Cute as always!

  6. Great choice with the skirt. Really perfect for you.

    We have a clothing swap with friends called the Naked Lady Party. I have no idea why this is the name, but there's lunch, drinks, and a swap. Very classy and very fun. Ours is next month and this year I promise to actually document it.

  7. Sounds fun! I've never been to one but sounds like a great idea!

  8. Cute looks! Loving your wednesday skirt!


  9. love the clothing swap idea! Not sure my friends are as much of a shopaholic as i am, though. cute skirt, indeed!

  10. Hey, that does sound like a really fun party! And you got some cute clothes out of it too!

  11. Lookin good girl! :) Super cute as usual! :)
    I always love those leggings on you; I got a pair, but have yet to wear them.

    Take care!

  12. I've attended one clothing swap but it was fun to come home with some new to me clothes, and get rid of some clothes as well. Win-win in my book. The "new" maxi skirt looks super cute on you.

  13. I love all of these, but especially the floral dress in the 3rd picture! I would love for you to come link up to my Sunday Style linky party :)